You Can Blog About Anything

Because you can blog about anything the precise explanation of blogging and what it is, is something that can entirely depend upon who you are talking too. Each day as new web technologies are created, so are new blogs and each one with its own purpose.

Today blogs are used for hundreds of reasons so it is can be hard to explain to a computer illiterate person just what one is. In the world of blogs the writer is known as a blogger. For a lot of years blogs were simply used as a web log, mostly with text based entries a website owner would use to keep a track of a websites progress. They can be used in a similar fashion to the captain’s log on a ship set sail for adventure.

However as the internet grew and more and more people started using the internet the range of bloggers diversified. Some bloggers started using the blog to write about every day events like a diary while others wrote stories or poems as a form of expression. New blogs started appearing using the latest scripts and a whole new use for the simple web log was born.

Webmasters started adding blog plug-ins and a whole range of features and technology to see just how far blogging could be pushed. First came photo blogs where users could post their pictures for friends and family to see, and then came video blogs. Video blogs seem to be the latest craze for those who are not camera shy and most video blogs are very amusing or educational, you can find hundreds of them online.

The interconnectivity between mobile devices and the internet is also leading to a change in blogging as bloggers can blog at anytime. At some of the blogging websites you can even upload video from your phone to your blog for your friends to see.

Many large companies also use blogs as part of their business, blogs can be used to let customers know the latest company news and information or to promote the latest product.

Thanks to the wide range of scripts and free blogging sites such as and anyone can get a blog and they are very easy to use, some people also use blogs as a means of generating income. Blogging really is a phenomenon and with the constant changing shape of the future it is hard to say just what the next use for a blog will be.