Word Cloud Wars

Word Cloud Wars

The Word Cloud keyword concept is causing an Internet frenzy as webmasters around the world clamor to join the panoply of new Word Cloud sites sprouting up on the Internet. Most of these Word Cloud sites are on newly registered, zero pagerank domains. Consequently, many webmasters, hoping to gain valuable back links, increase their page ranking, and boost traffic and sales to their websites by purchasing text links on these sites have been disappointed with the results.

Regardless, the whole Word Cloud concept (attributed to Joel Comm and his original 500Words.com site) is brilliant and is a major improvement on the played out Pixel Ad craze.

The original idea of a home page full of different web resources using pixel ads was very popular. The first of its kind, MillionDollarHomepage.com, was a huge success and had hundreds of webmasters claim their share of pixels that pointed back to their websites. Quickly, a whole slew of similar sites began to pop up all over the place. However, the one major flaw with the pixel ad concept was that they only used graphics on the site. Though it’s true that graphics tend to be very eye-catching, they do very little for search engine ranking because they do not contain a descriptive, keyword-rich anchor tag that the search engine spiders and robots can plug into their respective algorithms for proper placement in their organic listings.

Joel Comm brilliantly improved upon the pixel ad concept by using keywords that linked directly back to a web site rather than just a graphic. Joel Comm’s first web site that implemented the Word Cloud concept, 500words.com, allowed webmasters to back link to their site with a relevant keyword that resulted in much more targeted traffic. Because words instead of graphics were used, this method is exponentially more search engine friendly. Undoubtedly, this was a great concept and many other sites followed suit. Unfortunately, although the concept is indeed quite promising, the vast majority of these Word Cloud sites are being built on brand new domain names that have no Page Rank and will be fighting an uphill battle as they struggle their way out of the Google Sandbox.

Recently, I put a powerful new twist on the Word Cloud concept that dramatically increases the value of each webmaster’s text link by using an established domain name. The first website to implement this new twist is www.BREAKtheBARRIERS.com.

By building a Word Cloud website on an established domain (in this case one that has been in existence since the turn of the millennium) that has a higher Google PageRank (in this case a PR6), the value of each keyword-rich text link is greatly enhanced. Just a few of the many benefits include fast indexing, higher pagerank, increased traffic, and better search engine ranking (especially for the text link keywords used). Obviously, the older and more stable a web site is, the more favorably the search engines will look upon it.

Another improvement made on the BreakTheBarriers.com web site is the ability of the webmaster to choose up to three words for their keyword phrase. This allows a much better description of the webmaster’s site and, in turn, offers better targeted traffic.

Moreover, the price is definitely right. The average price per listing on other less established and much lower PageRank Word Cloud sites is about with the average listing being for a period of 2 years. At BreakTheBarriers.com, webmasters can have their keywords placed on a high ranking web site’s home page and enjoy all the benefits of targeted traffic and high page rank back links starting at a rate of only for a period of at least 3 years. This works out to under .40 per month. Text links on other PR-6 websites sell for (bare minimum) to per month.

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Word Cloud Wars