Why Western Men Outnumber Western Women In Seeking Chinese Dating Partners

Why Western Men Outnumber Western Women In Seeking Chinese Dating Partners

Traditionally, when people think about Chinese dating, they tend to conjure up images of western men seeking a Chinese female for dating, romance and even long term relationships. With the high level of negative publicity that Chinese men are exposed to on various dating sites, it is only natural that western women might avoid dating them. Moreover, the internet is full of examples of such couples that have failed to maintain their alliance for long. Despite the fact that there are numerous examples of failed relationships between western men and Chinese females as well, the attraction between two is far from getting over.

When it comes to online dating, Chinese men are as much subjected to injustice and prejudice as the western females. Although, these men might have some drawbacks, they surely are not the epitome of cruelty, infidelity and insensitivity as they are projected on various Chinese dating sites. In fact there are numerous inter-continental relationships between western females and Chinese men that are as successful as the ones between Chinese females and western men. This is because most of these relationships are based on mutual love and respect and understanding of the fact that both the partners involved are after all human and therefore cannot be absolutely perfect.

Another, major factor that might contribute towards the lesser number of relationships between Chinese men and western females is the general attitude of women towards relationships. A majority of females across the globe tend to date and romance men from within their own culture as it make them feel more secure. However, with the differences of time and distance dissolving due to easy means of communication and transportation and the enhanced level of exposure to other cultures and societies, women today are more willing to move out of their comfort zone to experiment and seek a partner in the land of red dragon.

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