What Is A Metal Detector

What Is A Metal Detector

As the name suggests a Metal Detector is a kind of instrument, which is used to detect metal with the help of electromagnetic induction. It helps in the detection of land mines, weapons like knives or guns at airports, in treasure hunting or in archeology. It can also be helpful in detecting foreign bodies in food. Construction industries find it useful in detecting steel reinforcing bars present in concretes, pipes, or wires in walls and floors. It can sense any electrically conductive piece of metal. Metal detectors came into being around the end of the 19th century.

Metal detectors have many applications. In archeology metal detectors are of good help. But in some countries like France and Sweden law prohibits metal detectors, but with special permission it can be used. In spite of all these restrictions the contribution of metal detectors in this area cannot be denied. A good example is the utilization of these detectors to inspect wide areas like sites of battlefields, where the only remains could be the surface, scattered with metal objects.

Some times people use consumer metal detectors to find coins on the beach as their hobby. Generally in the following types of hobbyist activities metal detectors are used.

Coin Shooting, searching for coins, mainly old coins.
Prospecting, searching for precious metals like gold or silver
Relic Hunting, searching for any thing that has any historical significance, like weapons.
Treasure Hunting, searching for hidden items.

For security purpose metal detectors are of great help. In airports this is used in great extent as it helps to detect any dangerous items carried by passengers that can cause harm to others, especially weapons,

One should know the right procedure of using a metal detector. Here are certain vital steps for using a metal detector:

The very first thing, that is needed to take care of is tuning. This means the detector must be adjusted so that it can recognize the ground as a channel for the targets to be inside. Sometimes however the devise posses a self tuning trait installed. After this one is ready to go for the search of the targets, coins, treasure or anything. The placement of the loop is also very important. To get the best functioning it should be held at arms length along with the loop and it should be barely above the ground and the loop must always be in motion for best result. While searching with the detector one should move at a slow pace.

What Is A Metal Detector