What are Vitamin Supplements?

What are Vitamin Supplements?

Everybody needs vitamins for the body to function properly
and to stay healthy, among other things. The foods that we
eat are the most common sources of the vitamins that our
body absorbs.

Each food contains a particular vitamin and the amount of
vitamins we get depends on how much we eat of that
particular food. But more often than not, the vitamins that
they provide simply aren’t enough. That is why we need to
take in vitamin supplements.

As its name suggests, a vitamin supplement adds the
necessary vitamins to a person’s diet for the normal
function of the body.

More so, these supplements are needed by people who are
deficient in a particular vitamin because of a kind of diet
that they are taking (as in the case of vegetarians) or
their present condition (such as in pregnant women).

Some of the most common vitamins found in supplements are
vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C, among others. These
vitamins are sold in a variety of forms such as capsules,
tablets or gels.

It is said that each form has its set of advantages over
the others in terms of effectiveness in delivering the
vitamins to the body. Their differences will be discussed
in another article.

All in all, vitamin supplements can help us become stronger
and live healthier lives by providing us with the essential
vitamins that we may not be getting from the foods that we

Just a tablet per day can produce great results on our
bodies if we take them.

What are Vitamin Supplements?