Websites, new technologies open the door to the world

Websites, new technologies open the door to the world

Since first hints of internet around the years’90, in a few years the development and growth of the web was extremely fast and has established itself as communications system for both the private and the professional use; today many companies are born precisely through the network. Use the internet allows to have the entire world at your fingertips, there are no boundaries and within seconds you can have on your computer any information, photos, details and anything of a state from end to end of the planet.

The website has become the new “shop”, the new “showcase” essential to who is running an activity, from the small shop that sells clothes for children to the great company that has an opportunity to bring its services directly into home’s computers.

The first websites created only through what is the basis of language network, html, have been gradually developed and implemented by the new codes such as JavaScript, a real programming’s language, the language CSS (stands for Cascading Style Sheets) continuous updating, which allow today to create dynamic sites dynamic and with attractive graphic effects, overcoming the static that is the prerogative of html code. Today we realize sites in PHP and ASP (Active Server Pages) that allow to create sites with any characteristic you want.

Lately then are included as management systems content on a site also Content management system (CMS), making it possible to standardize the style of all the pages of a site simply by changing a file.

The development of the Web is so fast and continuous that to tread the network’s steps is practically impossible, the greatness of the Internet and the sea of information and exchange of information that allows people from opposite side of the world makes the study and birth of new languages and programs hectic expansion.

Recently, is also give birth to a variant of the website, known as blog, which allows users to participate actively in the site, making them become real actors in the network, in fact through the blog and a registration system you can post their articles directly and leave their comments on the texts of others, thus creating a chain of communication unique.

There are now many companies and professionals who gave life to their own activities using the channel of the Internet, offering directly as developers of websites. The technologies and programs, languages constantly evolving have started thus new jobs that meet technical and artistic elements and of image.

Websites, new technologies open the door to the world