Walk in baths features.

Walk in baths features.

Walk In Baths have many bespoke features to help improve access and the bathing experience for the user. Some features will be offered as standard on a walking in bath ‘’package’’ whilst others will be added extras. It is important to understand these features and what is including in your quote, before making the decision to buy.

We have complied a list of main features to help you research;

Thermostatic Mixer Taps – The addition and quality of the mixer tap is vital to a walking bath as the user will be sat in it when filling. It is thus essential that the water is easily controlled, filling at the correct temperature and at a sufficient rate.

Quick Fill – As with the above fill time is a key factor when deciding on a walk in baths. Manufactures now offer different ‘’quick fill’’ systems that increase the flow of water and reduce filling time.

Grab Rails – The accessibility of grab hand rails is an important factor in the safety of a walk in bath.

Slip Resistant Floor – Look closely at the fool material to ensure it offers good grip when wet to improve safety. Some walk in baths offer the option of a rubber mat to help improve grip.

Safety Seating – Some walk in baths can be fitted with a seat to help accessibility and use.

Quick Drainage – As with the mixer tap drainage time is crucial as the user will be in the bath as it empties. If a bath takes to long to empty the user may suffer from the cold, especially if they are elderly. Some walk in baths can now be fitted with dual drainage systems that can half the time the bath takes to empty.

Hydrotherapy System – This creates a Spa / Jacuzzi effect using jets mounted around the bath. These systems can be beneficially for some medical conditions or simply to ease aches and pains.

Walk in baths features.