Using A Low Interest Credit Card

Using A Low Interest Credit Card

Most credit card companies have low interest credit cards. Usually these will come with a low or no interest rate credit card for six to twelve months. On top of that, these cheap credit cards will go to a high fixed rate or high variable rate card at the end of the free period. These are great cards if you can play the debt off in the specified time; if you can’t then they will cost you plenty over the long haul.

They are also good for some purchases. Let’s say your washer or dryer goes out, and it will cost more to repair than to replace. You can get this type of credit card to purchase your new washer and or dryer from any store you wish, and then have six months to pay off the 0 – 0 dollars instead of renting or waiting.

With this type of card you will have to be willing to part with it once your time limit has expired, after that the rates are like the junk cards you get in the mail, upwards of 18 per cent interest. A few will say different, and be as low as 10% if you have perfect or close to perfect credit rating. If you have missed or were late in the last year, it could jump as high as 25%.

There are a few people that want to use these cards as account transfer holders. It sounds good to put a 5 to 30 thousand dollar debt on these interest free cards for six months to a year. There are many downfalls to that type of thinking. If you think you are paying way to high of an interest rate now, then if you are a day late with these cards, you will find yourself at 21-25% interest right away. They make their money on you missing a payment or being late with one so they can take away the interest free for the rest of the time period.

This brings us to how they make their money. The card is only interest free as long as you are not late. You can call in and make arrangements on these cards, but what you won’t hear is that next month they will charge you interest right away, you broke the agreement with them. So your free card now has a 18 per cent or higher rate the rest of the six months to one year period, making it almost impossible to get a decent rate on a new card.

These cheap credit cards are what I call “throw-a-way” cards. Use them once for a small purchase, then cut-them-up and throw them away. Remember even on your small purchase you cannot really make arrangements or be late.

The key to using these low interest rate credit cards successfully whether for a down payment on a new car or buying a spa is to make sure the payments are within your budget before you actually use it. If there is any reason at all to not be able to make that monthly payment on your low-interest credit card you are out of luck. However if you are one of the lucky few that can make those payments on time for your new purchase, then by all means get the card now and get the things you want. Remember whether it is six months or twelve months will make a huge difference as well as begin able to make your payments. If your credit rating is good, there is no need to go without the things you want right away.

Use the link below to compare different cards that you may want to have. Try not to go overboard; one card at a time should do you well. By getting one card every six months you basically get something above average for yourself or family a couple of times a year.

Using A Low Interest Credit Card