UK Property Investors go for Philippine Condotel Investments

UK Property Investors go for Philippine Condotel Investments

Investments in buy to let properties or Condo Hotels in the Philippines have increased in popularity by 29 per cent during the last three months, making it the second most popular investment vehicle behind consumers’ own homes, according to PLC Global.

Beth Collingz, Global marketing Director of PLC International Marketing Networks, a company specializing in Condo Hotel or Condote Sales and Marketing in the Philippines, comments: “The UK Savings and Investments index clearly shows that the UK saver prefers to invest in bricks and mortar and more and more investors are moving offshore to take advantage of the much cheaper prices in the Philippines and high rates of rental returns as room rates in Metro Manila and Cebu, two major Cities in the Philippines, are not much less than rates charged for rooms in Europe making the Philippines buy to let properties an ideal property investment”.

The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is one of the few fully democratic nations with a predominantly English speaking population benefiting from substantial foreign direct investment and billions of dollars in remittances from overseas Filipinos. According to the report these facts mean that over the coming decade the housing market in Philippines will likely go from strength to strength and anyone who invests now could net up to 400% profit on their investment in the next ten years.

Because property prices in the Philippines for mid range Condominium developments start from as little as twenty five thousand Pounds [25,000 GBP], the room for property price expansion is clear. The low starting prices for real estate in the Philippines also mean that its property sector is already attracting substantial international real estate investor interest.

Investors from all backgrounds are attracted to the Philippines – those with a small sum of money to invest are looking to make immediate gains from buying Condos in Metro Manila preconstruction which can be purchased by stage payment and profited from upon completion when investors are flipping the real estate right back into the market. Those with more substantial sums of money to invest are generally drawn to either the Condotel Investment property sector in Manila or the Philippines burgeoning tourism market.

Opportunities in the Philippines tourism market exist along the country’s stunning and as yet undeveloped coastline and also in the Philippines quality but as yet little known beach resorts. Accommodation in these locations is required to let out to tourists and a growing number of British citizens are also seeking second homes in these areas of Cebu, Philippines as well, with most preferring to purchase Condotel or Fully Managed and Operated Condo Developments where a rental income can be gained when not using their units.

Pacific Concord Properties, Inc., Flagship Lancaster Atrium Suites Condotel [Manila] development located along Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, is one of the hottest Condotel Investments in the Philippines where property investors, apart from real estate appreciation initially reckoned to be 100% for early investors, will get projected Rental Incomes on their units of up to 16% per annum once fully operational from 2010

To be called Lancaster Atrium [which is the second Tower adjacent to the existing “Sold Out” Tower I] Condotel Studios, One, Two & Three Bedroom Suites are currently available to Property Investors adopting International Standard Escrow Trust Account “Buyer Safe” Easy Secure Payment Plans… with 6 year interest free payment terms or up to 12 year no prequalification “In-House” financing [available to all overseas buyers], full condo ownership, no management costs for Condotel Suites, no enrollment charges for joining the Condotel Rental Pool, and minimum monthly maintenance fees, as buyers or sellers of Real Estate you really should take a moment to look at this Philippine Condotel Investment Opportunity

According to Beth Collingz, of PLC International Marketing Networks, a Lead Marketing Partner with Pacific Concord Properties Inc., whom have Condotel developments in Metro Manila and Cebu, and specializes in working with international clients: “My phone has been very busy with buyers from the UK, Scotland and Australia interested in purchasing investment properties and holiday homes here. A lot of this interest is being driven by the relatively cheap market prices in the Philippines compared to Europe, especially UK Housing prices, and the easy payment options available for our Condotel Developments where they can use the Condo for vacations and rent it out through our In-House Condotel Management thereby gaining rental incomes that on today’s purchase prices, give a projected ROI of some 12-16% depending upon mode of payment for the unit”

Beth Collingz

Director – PLC International Marketing Networks

UK Property Investors go for Philippine Condotel Investments