Two Way Radio Joins The Communication Party

Two Way Radio Joins The Communication Party

Whatever industry you work in, talk of communication or more importantly a lack of communication is never far away from the mouths of management and workers. This article looks at how modern Two Way Radio is being used to enhance communication at work.

Communication takes many forms from face to face to more advanced methods like modern mobile and cell phone technology. The key to successful communication within many businesses is having a good mix of communication methods including team briefings and meetings, emails, teleconferencing and more.

So with the need for businesses to find the best methods of communication for their company Two Way Radios are now being used to further enhance their communication mix. 2 Way Radio gives business a reliable, robust and portable way for their staff to stay in touch in many different circumstances. These radios can be used over a wide area and benefit from no call charges which often makes them far more appealing than other portable communication equipment like mobile or cell phones.

And because Two Way Radios like the Kenwood TK3201 and Motorola XTN446 are affordable, businesses of all types can benefit from using them. Some examples include security staff at licensed premises or sporting venues being able to keep in touch and alert colleagues to disturbances, queues and potential problems. They therefore aid not just communication but health and safety as well. Schools, colleges, nurseries and universities are also using 2 Way Radios for various members of staff to stay in touch. Teachers on field trips, caretakers, ground workers and teaching assistants whilst organizing sporting events can all now take advantage of the benefits that portable radios can bring. With features including long battery lives, panic alarms and license free communication.

Other businesses where the use of Two Way Radio has greatly enhanced their performance and ability to stay in touch include factories and retailers. The retail sector in particular find the radio technology extremely useful as it allows workers on the shop floor to easily communicate with the distribution team to check stock levels, deliveries and again as in other industries to report accidents and therefore enhance their health and safety practices. The retail sector like many others is now extremely competitive so shops and retail outlets who want to enhance the service they provide customers can use two way radios to further differentiate them from their competitors.

Picture the scenario, you go into a shop and ask a member of staff if they have a particular item in stock. The member of staff disappears what seems like forever only to return with the news that the item is or is not in stock. Compare this to another retailer whose staff carry 2 way radios. You approach them and ask if an item is in stock. They immediately connect the stock room using their 2 way radio and within seconds you find out if the item you are after is available. This is just one of the ways that the retail industry is using two way radio but there are many others.

Communication in the business world is vital and modern 2 way radio can now be used by businesses of all types to make sure their staff and customers benefit.

Two Way Radio Joins The Communication Party