Travel guide – UK airports – London Heathrow

Travel guide – UK airports – London Heathrow

Travel guide – UK airports – London Heathrow

In the second of our UK airport travel guides, we will focus on the world’s busiest airport. London Heathrow.

Around 90 airlines use Heathrow as their hub, operating flights to over 180 destinations in 90 countries. Heathrow consists of four terminals, with a fifth currently under construction.

Terminal 1

All of Heathrow’s UK and Ireland flights operate from this terminal as well as some flights to long haul destinations and Europe.
Terminal 2

This terminal caters for European destinations as well as some long haul destinations.
Terminal 3

Long haul operators are the bulk users of this terminal, although some flights to Europe also operate from here.
Terminal 4

This terminal is used almost exclusively by British Airways and KLM.

Getting there

Although London by name, Heathrow is not actually situated in the Capital. London Heathrow is approximately 20 miles from the centre of London and this needs to be taken into account when getting to the airport.

Getting to the airport is relatively easy by all means of transport. London Underground (Tube) trains on the Piccadilly line go direct to the airport, taking about an hour and costing approximately £5.

Heathrow Express offer a great direct rail link from London Paddington, with a journey time of about 15 minutes. Heathrow Express operate trains every 15 minutes from Paddington and from Heathrow with a single ticket costing £14 and a return for £26.

Railair operate good coach links from principal areas, including Reading, Woking and Watford.

If you intend to travel by car to Heathrow Airport, sufficient time should be allotted as it is served by the busy M4 and M25 motorways. Sufficient car parking is available at all terminals, but we recommend booking parking in advance. This could also save you money on car parking costs.

If you had planned to stay in a hotel the night before your flight, a Hotel Hoppa bus service operates from most of the major hotels surrounding the airport, priced at £3 each way. Services run every 15 minutes through most of the day.

London Heathrow is truly an International airport and the millions of passengers who use this airport each and every year, represent nationalities from all corners of the globe.

Travel guide - UK airports - London Heathrow