The Top Five Home-Based Business Opportunities

The Top Five Home-Based Business Opportunities

Statistics show that 96% of adults between the ages of 25 and 44 show interest in running their own home based business. The opportunity to gain control over their life, to have financial security along with retirement peace of mind is what most home business entrepreneurs are seeking. The benefits of running your own home business are plentiful. There is low overhead; the advantage of home based tax, no employees and unlimited earning potential. With this in mind it is easy to see why so many of us are interested in a legitimate and profitable home business opportunity. If you are one of the many people seeking such business opportunities, here is a list of the top five ranking home businesses for 2007.

Wedding Consultant

With the rise in popularity for over the top weddings the opportunity of becoming a wedding consultant or wedding planning service is in its prime. Wedding planning is a billion dollar business and can easily be run from a home office. Everything you need is at your fingertips. As long as you have the minimum tools needed such as a computer, fax/copier, phone and Internet connection you are ready to begin. Searching local florists, bakeries and decoration shops can all be done from your office. Send out emails, faxes or phone calls to contact and compare services. You can also send photocopies via email to your clients. As long as you have an eye for details and you can remain calm and organized this may be the home business for you.

Dietary Consultant

As the importance of a healthy diet is recognized across America, the request for dieticians is rapidly increasing. Millions of men and women are in need of nutritional guidance as well as motivational assistance. With online training you can become certified quickly and do so from your home office. Once you are certified you can run your business from your home office. Sending daily to weekly emails with menus or nutritional guidelines and follow up patient phone calls. It’s a simple money making business that is more than satisfactory on a monetary level. The satisfaction also comes from the job itself. With your guidance, people’s lives are changed and they are offered the chance of a higher quality of life through your services.

Sewing And Alteration Services

Alterations are needed for several types of clothing. Wedding gowns, prom dresses and cheerleading uniforms can all require alterations. Seasonal changes and special events such as school reunions can all be great for business. Running an alteration service from your home allows you to provide customers with a lower priced service that is likely to carry better quality. If you have a sewing machine and the space to perform these services you could find the answer to your home business blues.

In Home Beauty Services

An in home salon can be very appealing to number of customers. A small, quiet location where they can simply have their hair cut and styled is what most women want. The prices of a manicure or set of acrylic nails is outrageous and these companies are often foreign family based services. Having someone who speaks your language and charges a fair price is far more likely to profit from this business. Customers will gladly spread verbal advertisement when satisfactory results are received.

Cleaning Service

Operating a cleaning service from your home is simple as can be. As long as you have reliable transportation and cleaning supplies you are ready to get started. For many businesses as well as elderly homeowners a cleaning service is needed. You can charge an hourly rate, weekly rate or charge by the services provided. A cleaning service is a job that is a definite moneymaker as long as you are willing to do the hard work to earn the hard cash, than you are set.

These five home business opportunities are only five out of the many opportunities that are available. Think of what materials you have on hand and the knowledge you posses and you will be on your way to running your own home business.

The Top Five Home-Based Business Opportunities