The Pros And Cons Of Locally Hosted Automatic Responders

The Pros And Cons Of Locally Hosted Automatic Responders

As most of us already know, autoresponders are programs that are used for sending out follow-up emails or newsletters to specified email addresses. All across the Internet, there are many autoresponder programs that you can get. Some of the popular include Post Master, Intellisponder Pro and Send Studio. Such programs have to be installed on a web server to run hence also called as Locally Hosted Autoresponder.

A Locally Hosted Email Responder can be a great investment for webmasters. Nowadays, there are many autoresponder scripts out there that provide powerful features. Moreover, some Locally Hosted Autoresponders will allow you to further customize the script to fit your requirements. If you have enough skill in programming you can do this yourself. Some vendors even provide a special service for customers who want to customize the scripts.

Besides providing a better range of customization features, Locally Hosted Programs also give you flexibility. For instance, there are no limitations to the number of subscribers that you can build. If you have a large subscriber base, Locally Hosted Email Responders are a great choice. But keep in mind that you should also think about the capabilities of your hosting service. If the number of your subscribers grows significantly you might have to spend more money for the extra bandwidth.

Another benefit of using a Locally Hosted Autoresponder is there are no monthly charges involved. Once you have purchased the program, it is yours forever as you run them through your own server. On the other hand, Remotely Hosted Autoresponders will cost you a monthly fee. However, you should notice carefully whether the vendor will give you free updates.

A Locally Hosted Autoresponder requires you to lease a web hosting service that supports server side programming languages such as PHP or ASP. In addition this type of autoresponder often requires you to setup a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Just make sure that all the requirements are already provided by your hosting service.

You will have more control to Locally Hosted Automatic Responders, considering the fact that the programs will run on your server. However, this also means that you should have some technical knowledges on how to setup some features of your hosting provider to be able to install and operate them properly.

If you have multiple websites you might want to setup an autoresponder for each of your domains. While Locally Hosted programs cost one fee, some providers limit the number of domains that you can install them on. If you are planning to run the email responder on multiple sites, you should first find out how many copies or how many websites you are able to use the software with to determine the true cost of the program.

If you want to run an autoresponder yourself, you can always go with Locally Hosted Autoresponder programs. For many Internet marketers, remotely hosted are far preferred over locally hosted and otherwise. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. What is the best for others may be completely useless to someone else. When you make your final decision, you should always decide on what you need for your business – then pick an autoresponder that works best for you.

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The Pros And Cons Of Locally Hosted Automatic Responders