The Newest Evolution of Viral Marketing

The Newest Evolution of Viral Marketing

The basic premise behind current Viral Marketing strategies is that a document, PDF file or email with the author’s URL (the address of the author’s sales website) embedded in it is designed to be freely circulated on the Internet. Two possible requirements are necessary to make the piece find its way around the web on its own merits. One prerequisite is that the content must be of sufficient quality so that someone other than the original author will forward it to other recipients for free, or a pre-arranged Joint Venture payment. It must contain helpful or useful information, usually a small excerpt from a larger course or document that is for sale. A second option is that the writing must be compelling enough to generate enthusiasm or the apparent conspiracy of previously unreleased information that will lead to untold wealth. As more and more people forward the item, the URL of the sales website falls into the hands of greater and greater numbers of potential customers. The whole point of the exercise is cheaper and more effective advertising to elicit greater sales from customers that may have otherwise not been aware of the available product line.

To persons with a medical background, or anyone whose life has been affected by a real virus, the term ‘Viral Marketing’ is obviously abhorrent. Please remember this is only an imaginary model of a singularly efficient organism. Just as twenty years ago a ‘bad’ car really meant a very good car to those in the know, ‘Viral’ Marketing is only an analogy.

The virus is one of the oldest creatures on earth, and has developed the most effective means of replicating itself. In the simplest of explanations, a virus is a short chain of molecular RNA. A virus is not believed to actually be alive, but exists only to create more of itself. Once it invades a living cell, the viral RNA uses the host cell’s DNA to replicate another complete strand of its RNA. A protein coating then envelops the new identical virus, and it escapes on its way. The protein jacket is enzymatic, and used to either mate with the walls of a new host cell and force an entry, or trick the cell into letting the virus inside.

Viral RNA -> Viral DNA -> Viral Protein

Irresistible Message -> Viral Document -> Exponential Distribution

The part of this process that an Internet Marketer wants to emulate is the replication, and subsequent self-powered web-wide distribution. The email or document itself is the protein envelope, and the context of the message is akin to the RNA. The expectation of priceless information is the enzymatic action the author must initiate. The words must be powerful enough to cause the reader to replicate, or forward, the message to others, without hesitation.

This is the current common system of Viral Marketing. At only one location on the grid, this has now evolved one giant step further.

A retrovirus is exponentially more powerful than the average garden-variety virus. This collection of molecules invades a cell, and uses the host DNA to create viral DNA, which then replicates RNA for perpetual distribution.

The Virtual Cell in today’s World Wide Web is the forum. Many forums are set up by a single guru, and various other near-gurus join to share technical knowledge and post very specific questions. The trouble with this type of cell is that the bulk of the membership will invariably be composed of eager beginning marketers. These ‘newbies’ are often self-conscious when posting queries in the public forum, and remain mostly on the sidelines, lurking, but not expressing their opinion. Unfortunately, a forum of intermediate programmers and Internet Marketers will not include the basic DNA building blocks necessary for beginning individuals to succeed.

To form a Virtual Cell where complete transcription of DNA may take place, it must be headed up by a Mentor. This model will allow less-experienced Internet Marketers a comfort zone, where they may ask the necessary beginner questions without their self-imposed embarrassment. The Mentor can then help the members quickly develop their knowledge with proven methods. The Mentor can also orchestrate affiliate sales of his product line and eliminate unprofitable systems before they become entrenched, and discourage the fish. Every member of the Virtual Master Cell that makes the grade can establish new potential sales point nodes on the web.

Viral RNA -> Viral DNA -> Viral RNA -> Viral Protein

Irresistible Message -> Virtual Cell w/ Mentor -> Successful Affiliates/Partners

The ideas and knowledge of the Mentor are the RNA to be transcribed into fresh minds. With the complete DNA blueprint of a successful Internet Marketer, the Mentor, or Originator, can engineer lucrative future projects. The Virtual Cell will grow on its own strength, feeding voraciously off new ideas, and the finale is a Virtual Master Mind.

A new grid of sales point nodes will be laid overtop of the internet, and a greater group of individuals will develop confidence and success. The Mentor has now replicated his success blueprint into a veritable army of affiliates and possible partners. With the Virtual Cell model, and a Virtual Master Mind that matures of its own accord, success will come much faster for all involved. Success begets success.

Now whether this archetype is by intentional design or auspicious evolution, only the Internet Profit Mentor himself knows for sure. The next advancement of this system will be published in the near future. Check back again soon to where you found this article in the first place.

By Kelly Archibald.

The Newest Evolution of Viral Marketing