The Basics Of Google Seo

The Basics Of Google Seo

Everybody wants a place sat proudly at the top of Google so much so that they try all kinds of methods to get there, however the only one that really works is google seo. Google search engine optimisation is basically implementing the webmaster guidelines and trying to make you site content as spider friendly as possible.

Over the past 5 years Google has become more and more focused on off page seo factors, as far as their ranking system is concerned and this means they give less weight to your actual site content and more weight to how popular you are within the sites on their index. In this article I want to take the time to give you some basic google seo factors so that you can start to optimise your pages for the

Off page factors relates to getting links and the quality and quantity of those links is going to be a massive determining factor in how close you get to the top of the serps. So what makes a quality in bound link as far as google seo is concerned?

The first aspect of your link simply relates to relevance, how relevant is the page linking back to your site? Is the page url, title, heading and body content relative to your webpage? If not google will hardly notice it and you will not get an increase in PageRank. Make sure your links are as relevant as possible, this is one of the main aspects of google seo.

The second aspect is ensuring your link is coming from a site with as high a PageRank as possible. I have mixed feelings about this as I have seen pages rank for competitive keywords and have links coming from paagerank 0 sites only. All I will say is the more high PR links you have the less low PR links you’ll need. Try and build up a mixture of both types.

The third aspect of google seo is making sure your links are anchored with your keyword text. Do not make the common webmaster mistake of linking back using your name or the classic “click here”. Doing this is an absolute waste of a link. If you are selling cars link back using text like “used cars sale” or “car finance”, this will give your site relevance and keyword authority and is the most important aspect of google seo. One word of warning when using this method though, do not use the same anchor text every time. You need to use variations otherwise it will look like keyword manipulation and your site could be penalised.

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