Termite Tenting Preparation

Termite Tenting Preparation

If you have an especially large termite infestation, your pest control company may suggest a termite tenting preparation for your home. Termite tenting preparation is generally used when the entire house, or at least a majority of it, is infested inside the home or structure. The pest control company will erect a giant tent around your house and then they will release a termite killing gas into the home or structure.

As with any procedure that involves pesticides, termite tenting preparation is often considered dangerous, unnecessary, and outlandishly expensive, but the truth is that if your home has a bad termite problem, this may be the best option for you. By fumigating the structure with termite killing gas, it’s a way to kill off any of the worker termites that are residing inside your home and can allow you to begin gaining control of a damaging situation.

What happens when you choose a termite tenting preparation for your structure? First, the structure is covered with a tarp or tent that is sealed and secure. You will have to stay out of the home for at least two to three days and be sure that all food products are inside sealed bags which the pest control company can usually provide for you. They will release the termite killing gas inside the structure and place fans inside to circulate the gas. Warning signs will be placed around your property to keep anyone outside of the structure while the gas is circulating and killing the termites.

On the second day of your termite tenting preparation, the tarp will be removed and the gas will be aired out of the home. On the third day, your pest control company will verify that all of the gas is removed from the home by using special instruments to gauge how much, if any gas is left. These instruments will determine if it is safe for you to come back into your home.

Many people are apprehensive about termite tenting preparation because of the use of the powerful gas used to kill the termites. While the gas can be lethal when breathed in in large doses, but it is actually safe once the home has been cleared by the pest control company. The gas that is used does not stick to surfaces, so it won’t adhere to things like dishes, countertops, and furniture. Some people, however, choose to wipe down all exposed surfaces for piece of mind, and that’s alright.

When you have a termite tenting preparation done to your home, it will kill all live termites inside the structure. It will not, however, kill the termite eggs that remain. However, when the baby termite eggs hatch, there will be no worker termites to feed them, so they will die off quickly. It is also important to have the area under your house treated as well to kill any subterranean termites that have taken up residence under your home. If you neglect this step of the procedure, you will risk re-infestation.

Termite tenting preparation for severe termite infestations can be a good way to get rid of your termites in one fell swoop. However, don’t forget to formulate a follow-up plan with your pest control company to prevent those pesky insects from coming back!

Termite Tenting Preparation