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Five Tips During The Fire Damage Insurance Claim Process

Five Tips During The Fire Damage Insurance Claim Process

Fire Damage to your home can be expensive and a stressful time in your life. During this time, the fire insurance claim process may seem like a relief at first but it can soon become a nightmare. Filing a claim for fire and smoke damage can be a stressful and confusing process. You’ll find varying opinions of Do’s and Don’ts on the Internet which can add to confusion of what is best to do. Homeowners often make mistakes in filling their claims, which can result in their claims being denied by the insurance company. This article discusses five tips to ensure you file your fire damage claim successfully.

Fire claims are inherently complex. Simple mistakes during the claim process can result in incorrect settlements or unjust denials. This subsequently leaves property owners in a troubling situation as they might not have the funds to restore their properties to pre-loss conditions. Here are five fire insurance claim tips that will make insurance filing process easier:

– Request a certified copy of your insurance policy and study it to see what will be required of you during the claim process and what will be covered. Being proactive rather than reactive is important with the fire claim process.
– Hire an independent general contractor and restoration company. Do not authorize any restoration or rebuild work until the insurance company and you have come to an agreement as to the scope, or value, of the smoke and fire damage.
– Get two or three independent fire damage estimates from qualified general contractors as to the cost to rebuild your property to it pre-loss condition.
– Keep a detailed diary of all progress with the claim. Take photographs and videos of all damages and temporary repairs.
– Call an experienced fire claim adjuster, a public adjuster, if you need claim help. Fire claims should progress at an acceptable rate and most should settle within 90 days.

Public insurance adjusters are independent claim adjusters who provide claim help. They document and negotiate fire claims with insurance companies. Public insurance adjusters work for claimants only and do not ever represent an insurance company.

When it comes to hiring professional fire insurance claim help from a public adjuster, you should always choose an adjuster with experience and a verified track record. A reputable fire claim adjuster will handle all your claim details, communication with your insurance company and help you secure the largest possible settlement. This allows you the freedom of not having to deal with the complexities of the fire insurance claim process. Hire a public insurance adjuster and get the largest settlement amount for your fire claim.

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What Makes Chinese Dating A Slow And Time Consuming Process

What Makes Chinese Dating A Slow And Time Consuming Process

A common concern voiced by foreigners using Chinese dating sites to find their perfect partners is that it is an extremely slow and time consuming process. While it does not make dating Chinese females less exciting or have any negative impact on the popularity of these oriental ladies, it would definitely help men to know why the process actually takes so much time.
Firstly it is extremely important to be aware of the truth that Chinese dating is governed by an entirely different set of rules and moralities as compared to dating in other parts of the world. Chinese people rarely date for fun as they don’t believe in taking any relationship between a man and a woman lightly. As such it is quite against their temperament to date someone online just pass their time or for fun only.
For most Chinese people, especially women, every relationship initiated on an online dating site is done with the intention of turning it into a lifetime alliance. That is why they take a lot of time to respond to the messages of prospective dating partners. In fact not many of them are willing to date more than one person at a time even online and only when they feel that their partner is not serious enough or that he might not be the right one to spend their entire life with, do they seek other dating partners.
Even after having responded positively to the dating request of a Chinese dating website member, these ladies rarely start conversing with them in a free and frank manner. This is because they want to ensure that the person they are interacting with is worthy of their love and trust and judging this can take anywhere between a few weeks to a couple of months or even more. Hence, it is extremely important to exhibit extreme patience using Chinese online dating sites.

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