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Need a good gold coast lawyer for any type of legal issues? Contact Reichman Lawyers!

Need a good gold coast lawyer for any type of legal issues? Contact Reichman Lawyers!

If someone residing at or nearby Gold Coast Australia need the assistance of a set of experienced and expert lawyers to defend any of the legal cases troubling him/her, Reichman, one of the most popular and well known legal firm around that area can fulfill the requirements by providing the best gold coast lawyer for their customers .

For around 20 years, this firm is well reputed to provide legal advices and solving judicial matters for the clients who contact them for several matters like business disputes, property issues, estate and wills, etc and they appoint expert lawyers to solve the matter at the earliest time possible. Reichman Lawyers can provide the best traffic offence lawyer gold coast to their customers who have been charged for breaking traffic rules by the respective police.

In most of the cases, the lawyers can make their clients come out of the mess because they have a profound knowledge of the laws required for the defense of the matter. They sit with their clients and spend hours to understand when, how and the unpleasant incident took place and find out legal solutions to save the person from the issue. If the issue is major, they also give them the right advice that can dissolve the matter out of the court and never make their clients spend money and time for the court matters.

Mostly the problems faced by the clients are minor like Rash driving, which is a common offence enough to break the traffic rules and get unwanted penalties. Careless driving without license or driving after drinking or breaking signals are the other forms of traffic offence that usually make people invite troubles.

Sometimes these issues lead to severe punishments like confiscation of driving license, or charging a huge amount of money as compensation or even spending days and nights in the jail. If someone is suffering from a problem like this, Reichman lawyers can come to their rescue. Other than these, an individual can also contact a Reichman Lawyer in case he/she is trapped in a corporate legal issue. The firm has appointed special body corporate lawyer gold coast who are specialized and has specific vast knowledge of corporate laws to take his/her clients out from any legal issue. The best results are obtained if the lawyers are contacted at the earliest because more delay will only worsen the situation and make the trouble multiply instead of being solved.

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Google new search update may be investigated for privacy issues

Google new search update may be investigated for privacy issues

A consumer protection government agency of the United States might soon launch a probe into Google’s latest search update which is believed to have issues with privacy and competition.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has said that it may file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (or FTC) to investigate the new search update by Google which apparently gives the search giant an unfair edge against its competitors and exposes the personal data of users on the Google Plus network.

On Thursday, Google launched a new search feature called Search Plus Your World which lets users search through the Google Plus network for information, and apparently brings up more results from Google Plus than any other social network.

Unfair advantage to Google:- According to EPIC, Google’s latest search innovation is unfair because it gives greater importance to information from Google Plus than any other social networking site. Also, users have expressed concerns over their personal photos and other information showing up in Google searches.

Twitter expresses concern:- Popular social networking site Twitter has said that Google’s results are pushing Twitter content down to give greater prominence to content from Google’s own social networking site.

“Twitter has emerged as a vital source of this real-time information, with more than 100 million users sending 250 million Tweets every day on virtually every topic. As we’ve seen time and time again, news breaks first on Twitter; as a result, Twitter accounts and Tweets are often the most relevant results,” said Twitter.

According to Twitter, a search query on Google for “@wwe” threw up results including WWE’s official site and links to related content on Google Plus, but failed to provide any links to Twitter.

“@wwe” happens to be the official Twitter handle for World Wrestling Entertainment. It is not the first time that Google has landed itself in hot water for its search algorithms.

Google’s response:- In response, Google said that it is simply making the search results more relevant by including information and content from real people.

“Search plus Your World doesn’t change who has access to content, it simply helps people rediscover information they already have access to. We’ve taken special care with our new features to provide robust security protections, transparency and control for our users,” said Google.

It is not the first time that Google has landed itself in hot water for its search algorithms. FTC is already investigating Google for some of its controversial search practices.

If Google searches begin showing more content from the Google Plus network at the expense of its competitors, the very purpose of an unbiased and relevant search result will be lost.

Facebook and FTC refused to comment on the controversy.

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