Sunny days ahead – trade shows in California

Sunny days ahead – trade shows in California

“The sun never sets in sunny California.”

This state seemingly never runs out of anything to do. California has a national park, a Disneyland, a vibrant nightlife, skyscrapers, globally-competitive educational institutions, is a fashion capital, and of course who could ignore the trade shows in California featuring cutting-edge innovations that actively contribute in shaping future standards.

In the last quarter of this year, a pack of scheduled trade shows in California await visitors and locals alike. On the 29-30 of October, in the extravagant Sheraton
San Diego Hotel and Marina, Frontiers in Education once more will hold its annual exhibit of innovations in engineering and computer science education. Frontiers in Education promote the advancement of technology and the widespread dissemination the latest, cutting edge technical development.

For this year’s show, the organizers of Frontier in Education, National Instruments, is determined to carry on the interactive sessions from their conference last year featuring a number of presentations based on up-to-the-minute concepts and technologies. Attendees can also expect panel discussions regarding the exhibit as well as workshops, and the usual technical paper sessions. You will definitely be entertained and learn by live product demonstrations. You can also ask questions personally to the engineers and developers of National Instruments who are coming to the fair and get a hold of the LabView for free.

Trade shows in California don’t end there. National Instruments, additionally, will hold the Aerospace Testing Expo on Nov. 11-16 this year at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim California. Taking inspiration from their huge success of its sister show in Europe, this year’s exhibit, dedicated to the North American civil and military aerospace industries, is expected to attract senior professionals who are into the test performance, evaluation and inspection group from across the Unite States, Canada, Central and South America, and trying to reach out to key areas in the Asia-Pacific. Attendees can look forward to industries from civil aviation and military aerospace, including launch vehicle, and sectors specializing in satellites and space platform.

Among the trade shows in California is the BioProcess International Conference and Exhibition. The Bioprocessing industry will meet at the Hilton San Francisco this coming Nov. 6-9. For four days, science enthusiasts can get a comprehensive update from a discussion by FDA presenters and panelists as well as industry leaders. Thirty-five case studies and 100 presentations with more than 90 exhibits are spearheaded by the industry leaders in bioprocessing. More to that, fair participants will witness the conjunction of evolving technologies, US regulatory changes, and economic forces driving the biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

These trade shows in California for this last quarter unquestionably spells out success and are great contributions to technological advancements and global innovations.

Sunny days ahead - trade shows in California