Solar Energy AZ Architecture Tradition

Solar Energy AZ Architecture Tradition

With the age of renewable resources upon us it seems like everyone is considering adding in ways to use one of them in their architecture- wind energy, hydroelectric energy, Solar Energy AZ has a long history of awareness of their unique blessing of excess sun. Arizonans have adapts throughout history in order to survive in the climatic intensity of the environment.

Solar energy Arizona residents claim that solar energy is the most natural thing in the world for them. The cliff dwelling- Montezuma Castle was designed with solar energy architecture principles in mind. The castle is oriented to the south, features deep eaves and has exceptional thermal mass. While it may seem hard to believe, the caves of Montezuma’s Castle provided shelter from the hot sun, but redirected its potential scalding qualities to benefit the inhabitants in the winter by using the heat storing abilities of the stone building materials.

Today’s Arizona features solar buildings in nearly every city and town. The concern of individuals installing solar panels 20 years ago was longevity of the panels- they still work fine two decades after installation. October has become a unique month for solar energy lovers in Arizona. There are numerous local tours all over the state where homeowners run open houses to help people understand the functionality of solar energy and answer questions they may have. These opportunities are wonderful for individuals who are considering making the switch to solar panels but are concerned or have questions about the process. It’s also a great time for those who have decided they are definitely interested to speak with homeowners who have already had panels installed about their experiences with varying suppliers.
Even the Arizona National Guard has an Eco-building featuring the benefits of using solar energy Phoenix. It houses the Eco-building which is burrowed into the land. The dense walls block out summer heat but utilizing the “Earthship” construction method. There are solar panels for electricity generation and even solar water heaters. Conscious of energy waste the equipment inside is all high efficiency to compliment the self-sufficient building.

While the rest of the country is just beginning to embrace solar panels- Arizona has perfected a culture which readily accepts the benefits of their position in the sun and has evolved their curiosity past directional facing, past solar panels and is looking beyond water heaters even. The architecture of Arizona has always bent to the will of the sun, it’s a tradition which has saved the state’s residents money and helped reduce energy waste in the world.

People really enjoy the benefits of Solar Panels Arizona in their regular activities. There are also many advantages of Solar Energy Phoenix that easily generates renewable energy.

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