Seo – Should You Share A Blog?

Seo – Should You Share A Blog?

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with a blog especially if your blog is part of a field in which there are many changes or developments such as celebrity news or technology developments.

There are several blogs on the net where several contributors share one blog to make sure it is always fat and juicy and laden with fresh information. In this blog format it would not be unusual to see six or seven lawyers contributing to one blog or a group of book reviewers writing reviews (possibly hired by someone who is linking to a big book store like Amazon.)

Whether or not you want to share your blog comes down to how you want to identify yourself to your readers –as an expert who knows more than the rest or as an expert who is open to other people’s opinions. However these types of shared expert blogs often blossom into genuine information and reference material portals that can bring you a lot of attention, traffic and business. The idea is to not let any other expert that you are sharing a blog with outshine you. Such arrangements work best if a firm schedule is set about whose turn it is to write a blog and if certain themes are assigned by the group and then stuck to so that nobody is treading on anyone else’s toes.

Another possibility is to join a web site that already has multiple blogs on it. This is a good option if you want to build an audience quickly as many of these blog sites, such as all ready have a lot of traffic and your blog is hosted under the umbrella of their advertising. However the problem with this tact is that you don’t have your own unique URL, which can make you slightly harder to find in the search engines.

Seo - Should You Share A Blog?