Secure your below domains with Wildcard SSL Certificates !!

Secure your below domains with Wildcard SSL Certificates !!

Protect your sub domain names with Wildcard SSL Certificates !!

The relevance of sub-domains can not be undermined. If you have an internet site with sub domain names and you are not making use of a Wild card certification you are exposed to a large protection danger! You could protect your site and its below domains for with the Latest SSL Certificates available with WildCard … A Wildcard SSL Certification assists allow SSL encryption on numerous sub-domains using a single certificate as long as the domain names are managed by the exact same company as well as share the same second-level domain. A sub domain is a different internet site noted under a domain name. Instances are or Look engines sign up these as different sites, even though the host name coincides. When there is a lot if information to be presented on one internet site or when business representing the website has realistically various categories/divisions– sub domains are the most effective means to organize the info on the site. Below domain names could function well if your site branches into various areas, as an example or essentially these below domain names are special websites in their own right, however to the customer, they seem an extension of one main website.

Wildcard Certification is an unique product that provides the ability to secure numerous sub-domains within the company with a single certification. A wild-carded certification could be utilized to safeguard the certificate owner’s site sub-domains (e.g., etc) with a solitary certificate. If there is a requirement of protecting multiple sub-domains on a site, then a “Wild-carded” certificate is the perfect selection. A Wildcard SSL Certificate assists in accomplishing SSL file encryption on numerous sub-domains with the aid of a single certification as long as the below domain names are on one exact same physical server, share the same second-level domain name and are under the control of a solitary company. As an example a Wildcard issued to a company XYZ making use of the domain name could be made use of to safeguard the list below domains:,, and


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