Safe Online Chinese Dating A Matter of Choice

Safe Online Chinese Dating A Matter of Choice

Many detractors of online Chinese dating cite safety concerns as the major reason for staying away from it. But anyone who throws away baby with the bathwater isn’t exactly a smart person. I bet picking a date in a bar or anywhere else has its own inherent dangers, but people do it all the time. In fact, online dating sites are relatively safer place as you get time to objectively view, understand and check the compatibility quotient before you proceed. On the other hand, appearance and sex appeal often sway your judgement and you are hurtled headlong into a torrent affair even before you have any inkling what the other person is all about.

There is no denying that Scammers are a threat to not only your money but also your self-confidence and emotional well-being, if you are not careful enough. Basically scammers are of three types. The first type of scammers are those who are hard boiled professionals who use dating scams to make money because it is easy money. They are too lazy to go out and find themselves a job or wake up at 5 to go to work. They keep their eyes strictly on your wallet and lie incessantly from the very beginning with the intention of squeezing you as much as possible.

Second type of scammers is that who are opportunist. They join an online Chinese dating website to find a partner but if an opportunity presents itself in the form of a person who is eager to show off his wealth or is too keen on them, they don’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation. The third category of scammers consists of those people who may be genuine and honest in another time and place but their desperate situation makes them resort to unfair means for making money.

You can stay safe from any type of scammer if you stick to the basic rule of not sending any cash to people you have interacted only online. Don’t ever discuss your financial status with your online dates and spend a lot of time in getting to know her as a person. Most scammers give themselves away by probing about your financial status and asking for financial assistance early in relationship. They start with a small sum but once you pay up, you can be sure that requests will grow. Make it a point to inform administration of the dating website when you are solicited as it helps them to keep track of scammers and remove them from their site.

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