Safe Credit Solutions|The Key to Financial Freedom,credit counseling

Safe Credit Solutions|The Key to Financial Freedom,credit counseling

A McKinney credit repair company has settled Federal Trade Commission charges that it profaned federal law by lying to credit bureaus and charging customers up-front fees before providing its services.

The judicial writ subsiding the FTC’s grievance for civil penalties, imposes a $ 2.35 million civil penalty against RMCN Credit Services INC. and house owners Doug and Julie Parker. The penalty are going to be partly suspended, supported associate degree inability to pay, when they pay $ 400,000 in 2 installments at intervals 9 months of once the court enters the order.

The order bars the defendants from similar conduct within the future.

The company should conjointly submit reports to the Federal Trade Commission for a decade to make sure it’s yielding with the terms of the order.

The defendants didn’t admit wrongdoing.

The Federal Trade Commission charged in 2011 that RMCN and also the Parkers profaned the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act by charging up-front fees for a six-month program to boost consumers’ credit ratings and by creating “numerous false statements to credit bureaus disputing the accuracy of negative data in consumers’ credit reports.”

“In letters to credit bureaus designed to look as if they were from customers, however that RMCN didn’t show customers, the firm generally controversial all negative data in credit reports, in spite of the information’s accuracy,” the Federal Trade Commission aforesaid.

The Federal Trade Commission aforesaid RMCN, one among the nation’s largest credit repair firms, “continued to send these deceptive dispute letters to credit bureaus even when the corporate received elaborate request histories or signed contracts from creditors proving the credit reports were correct.”

The company conjointly incorrectly told customers that federal law allowed it to dispute correct credit report data, which credit bureaus should “prove it or take away it,” the Federal Trade Commission aforesaid.

The company conjointly charged customers up to $ 2,000 before providing any service, Federal Trade Commission officers aforesaid.

“The Credit Repair Organizations Act protects each individual customers and also the integrity of the credit coverage system,” aforesaid Jessica wealthy, director of the FTC’s Bureau of shopper Protection. “The Federal Trade Commission can take action against unscrupulous credit repair firms whether or not they violate CROA by deceiving customers or by lying to credit bureaus.”

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