Membership website hosting is the state of the art in community business based websites. The hosting site will provide everything you need to get set up.
Running a membership website with a Joomla set up free, and the peace of mind gives you the freedom to focus on your members. You will have all the access tools you need including:

1. Access Level Control
2. Recurring billing Module
3. Forums
4. Community Development Tools
5. UGC modules
6. Content Development
7. Marketing
8. Consulting and more

They offer 99.9% up time, a 30day money back guarantee, cPanel, Fantistico, Eight access, cameras, data center staffed with 24/7 365 service, Multiple OC48Sonet fiber and rings.

The starter group includes
1. Disk space 50mb
2. Bandwidth is 1,000
3. 99.9% uptime
4. 24/7 uptime
5. Daily backups
6. No contract
7. 30-day money back guarantee
8. Free set up
9. With a cost of .95

The Group level offers the same as the starter group with the addition of disk space is 250mb and 5,000 MB with a cost of .50. The Crowd group offers the same as the Starter and the Group with an upgrade of 500mb and12, 000 with a .95 cost.

The Community group offers 1000mb in disk space and 20,000mb in Bandwidth at a cost of.00 and the same features as the Starter, Group, and Crowd. The domains/FTB Features are unlimited in all levels of the Group. The supported features are included in all levels of the groups including MySQL, CGI, PERL, CRON, SSI, FrontPage, curl, Image Magik, Streaming video and music, GD, Python, PHP.

The e-mail is supported with POP3 Accounts. It is also supported with auto response. You have support for Mailing list, Mail forward, Web Mail, Catch All, Spam, Asian, SMTP,IMAP – The control panel has easy access to the latest CPanel, Fantistico, Hotlink protection, IP Deny manager, Search engines Submittal, Current error pages, Instant Blogs, Instant Portals, Instant PHP, nuke, Instant Chat room, Instant Forums, Instant Counter, Web based Ftp, Password protection folders, and phpmyadmin.

The tracking statistic’s programs include Webalizer, Raw log access, Refer log, Error log, and Analog eCommerce; Features are Shared SSL, Private SSL, Agora Shopping cart, Instant OS Commerce and cube cart.

The Joomla Experts and Membership Housing was established in1999. With the learning experiences of up and down with farming out services, this caused a failure in the system so in 1998 they began hosting all services to their clientele. Moving with the fast pace of technology, membership website hosting has launched, this completive website in 2007, A combined effort of JOOMLA & MEMBERSHIP HOSTING.

To Contact Membership Website Hosting you must e-mail them at Being involved with the massive program your business will proceed to the top of the market. Any business, big or small will be a success with a no hassle attitude. Running a membership website provides you with existent email accounts and web content that stays fresh after the site is launched. The content is usually converted to high-quality information in one to two months. The price ranges from 3 grand and up.

Online is the best place to learn more about running a membership website. You can check out demonstrations to learn the true experience in running a membership website. Go online to find information to help you get your business up and booming while running a membership website.

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