Review Of A New Promising Affiliate Program – Affiliate Junktion

Review Of A New Promising Affiliate Program – Affiliate Junktion

I just enrolled into Affiliate Junktion as I find it looks promising as an affiliate program.

Here are the details:

Affiliate Junktion is now recruiting new affiliates to join the Affiliate Junktion Program. Affiliate Junktion, a global leader in providing internet marketing and affiliate marketing services online, is now recruiting new affiliates to join the Affiliate Junktion Program. It is completely Free to join, with 1-on-1 personal online support from your very own dedicated Affiliate Manager.

When you join the Affiliate Junktion Program you can expect quality results, superior personal support and an ongoing income online through our performance-based program. We set a high industry standard for program quality and provide the most sophisticated tools. Affiliate Junktion operates the only truly global affiliate marketing program where you are guaranteed to earn money.

The earning potential is great as well…take note of their guarantee of payment if you do not achieve daily income.

Here is a review of Gitte Dabek who joined the program a bit longer than me:

I have tested a new program for you. It is called Affiliate Junktion, and it is all about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing, selling other people’s products is indeed a great way to make money online and the only way for a newcomer. But usually you have to sell a membership or a product to earn commissions. Affiliate Junktion offers another way: pay per lead. That is to say, you will earn commissions by convincing people to sign up for free. So this program is not sales-based, but performance-based and it is much easier to convince people to sign up for free than convincing them to open their wallet and buy something.

After signing up every new affiliate will get his own affiliate website customized with his affiliate link and will be able to start right away. If he signs up for hosting, buys anything you don’t have to care about – you will be paid just because your referral signed up fro free.

And that’s the deal Michael Davies,the CEO of Affiliate Junktion is proposing: “You will start earning within 5 days or we will pay you in cash for each day you are on our program”.

Okay that sounds a bit like the everyday hype you find on the Internet, but if you check the Terms and Conditions, you will see, that this promise will come true.

There is a simple reason, why you can expect some serious earnings with this Affiliate Marketing Program, even if you never made money online: You don’t have to sell a paid membership or hosting for making money with your referrals, all you have to do is to get them to sign up for free. So Affiliate Junktion is a pay per lead system, paying you to for every person signing up for free under you. Because the website converts well and signup is free, you can expect a very high conversion rate about up to 70%. Michael Davies tells about conversion rates of 70-85%. Well I would not go that high but I think the Average Joe really can reach a conversion rate of nearly 70% or more.

The program gives you a very easy to understand Fast Track Guide on the hand and lists some basic steps about how to start driving traffic to your affiliate site. The 1-on-1 personal support is a great help and your affiliate manager will be very friendly and helpful – I tested the system.

The only thing I am missing is more promotional tools. As this program is dedicated to newcomers and to people who never made money online, there could be some more professional designed material, some emails people could modify, keyword lists and ppc ads as a working base fort he inexperienced.

Putting all together and weighing it, I have to rate Affiliate Junktion as a great program. I can give my fully recommendation because:

* It is free to join,
* It is easy to work with,
* It needs no more work than 3-5 hours a week,
* It makes you easy money on a pay per lead base,
* You are guaranteed to earn money within just 5 days.

Review Of A New Promising Affiliate Program – Affiliate Junktion