Reno Jobs at the University

Reno Jobs at the University

According to Rich Kaarlgaard, publisher of Forbes Magazine and author of a new book called “Life 2.0”, Reno is one of the top 150 cities that workers should consider if they want to combine a fulfilling job and a high quality of life. Most of the Reno jobs available can be found at the hotels and casinos. Yet what people tend to overlook is the vast employment opportunities available in the University of Nevada, Reno.

In the University of Nevada, Reno jobs available consist mostly of clerical and administrative work, library, education, and social services and rehabilitation.

One of the more in-demand Reno jobs at the University is Administrative Assistant. This position requires you to perform clerical and administrative tasks such as maintain records and files, data entry, office management, and monitoring of budgets. These are the more common and basic tasks of administrative assistants, however, further responsibilities will depend on the department to which you will be assigned.

Another one of the more familiar Reno jobs at the University is Library Assistant. This specific job would require you to be knowledgeable in the operation of libraries, and technical know-how such as cataloging, circulation, collection maintenance, and reference and serials. Qualification for this kind of job would usually require work experience in the same setting.

In the field of education, available Reno jobs at the University are positions for Staff Research Associate and Laboratory Assistants. These positions would require someone with a degree in the required area of specialization, and/or experience in a laboratory environment. Some of the tasks and duties would involve hands-on assistance in actual experimental procedures and maintenance of laboratory facilities and equipment.

In the social services and rehabilitation department, Community Based Instructor is one of the Reno jobs you can find at the University. This level of position provides assistance in various community settings. Responsibilities include coordinating and facilitating youth-oriented programs, provide basic instructions for athletics and after-school activities, serve as lead workers, collect and maintain information, and have basic interaction by participating in group activities.

The city of Reno has the second-highest job growth rate in the nation. For sure, of all the Reno jobs out there, there is at least one that fits you right. These are just a few examples of the many Reno jobs you can find in the University of Nevada, Reno. You can also look into other Universities in the area. Know the job that you are looking for and do your research. There are many Reno jobs available; you just have to know where to look.

Reno Jobs at the University