Preparing for a Mini Triathlon

Preparing For A Mini Triathlon

The best way to start your entry to triathlon is by joining mini triathlon. In this way, you avoid over-training yourself that might end up losing your stint in the competition. Still, the mini triathlon is a real triathlon and therefore you must give yourself enough time to prepare for it.

To preparing for mini triathlon, you need to remember 4 words: strengths and weakness, goal, and caution. These 4 will take you to the finish line if not the podium.

Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have strengths and weakness. And recognizing each of them would provide you with the best tool in making it to the mini triathlon. Knowing what are your strengths would mean knowing where to begin your training. They are your blueprints. Admit it, you may be good on swimming but not in running. You might be one hell of a runner but suck on the bike. The thing is: knowing where your strong and weak points are would let you know what to improve and what to keep on improving.


If you want to cross the finish line in one piece, you need to have a goal. And this would mean drawing up a plan (a realistic plan) that would take you to your goal.

First: Set your goal. In this case your goal is to finish the race in one piece (you may also consider other goals, it’s up to you).

Second: Make sure you have identified your strengths and weaknesses. In this way, you know how to keep on track with your plan.

Third: Devise your training schedule. Set schedules when, where, and how you should do it. Give yourself enough time to rest. A good rest will keep your body in tacked at the same time, improving as your training progresses. You may want to consult some expert on this.

And finally: Stick to your plan. Self-explanatory.


While improving your running, swimming, and biking is a good thing, there is nothing better than making a preventive measure every time you train. You will never know when injuries come but you can prevent them from happening. Take the necessary precaution to avoid ending up injured. Do some stretching before you begin the training. Wear appropriate gears. These include swimwear and shoes. Remember that running shoes are different from cycling shoes so you may want to consider buying at least one pair for each of them.

You should also take gradual training a good rest to keep injuries away.

Preparing for a Mini Triathlon