Population of Seattle

Population of Seattle

Are you one of those who fancy mild climate? Do you like light mists more than you like sunshine? If so, you are probably one of those who make up the rising population in Seattle.

Seattle’s nickname, the Emerald City, has been the outcome of an 80’s contest headed by an organization, to give a nice name for the city. The nickname was taken to mean the abundant greens of the place. This recognized alternative name for Seattle is known worldwide, along with other casual terms such as, Rainy City, and Jet City. The former name has come up because of the city’s mostly overcast weather throughout the year. Jet City is in reference to the Boeing facility located within the city, which is actually the biggest in the world. All these were, in some way, responsible for the flock of tourists and the rise in the immigrant population of Seattle.

According to the Unites States Census 2000, the population of Seattle is at 563,374, of which 50.13% are women. This is probably due to the fact that Seattle is the healthiest and most livable city for women.

Caucasians make up most of the population of Seattle at 70.09%, while Asians came second and are far less in number at 13.12%. The total households in the population of Seattle number 258,499. Families comprise the largest percentage at 43.87%.

The city of Seattle is the largest in the Pacific Northwest, and is the 24th in all of the United States. Seattle has been constantly on the top list of the most ideal places to live in the country. It is actually one of most rapidly-growing cities in the U.S. Even if there is continuous rise in the population of Seattle, the city still enjoys a stable economy. Much credit goes to the success of industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, computer and electronics, and medical equipments.

The population of Seattle has only a slight growth in the 90’s at 9%. Although the figures were not great, the population of Seattle has become varied in terms of race. From the late 90’s to 2000, Seattle, and some nearby cities have been cradles of thousand of refugees and immigrants. The diversity of the population of Seattle is proven by the fact that, the percentage of the residents above five years old speaking another language is at 20.2%.

Even though people have been constantly griping about the rain and gloomy weather of Seattle, some tourists still end up residing in the city. The weather may not be their foremost reason, but, the booming industries, the hundreds of interesting sights and the numerous coffee choices are more than enough to get anyone’s attention. Who needs to justify the rise in the population of Seattle some more?

Population of Seattle