PMI Certification

PMI Certification

Got a degree in project management? Want to earn a certification diploma from a reliable institution? If so, why don’t you try the PMI certification?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is basically an institution established in 1969 to provide the public the best opportunity for the promotion, maintenance, and advancement of the project management practices in the whole world. It is for this mission that the PMI has been actively participating in the pursuit of education and knowledge acquisition, professional development and networking, career advancement and professional standards, and products and services in the project management arena.

As a leading institution for the project management profession, the PMI has developed its own certification programs to provide people the chance to obtain a lifetime certificate that will serve as one of their best weapons in battling all the challenges in the outside world. The PMI certification is now considered as the topmost professional credential for the project management professionals. It is worth knowing that the institution has became the world’s first organization to achieve the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 recognition because of the establishment of its own certification program.

The PMI certification is divided in two different types based on the job profiles and levels of experience attained by the project management professionals. Both of these certifications are now made available for the PM pros to consider. What these types are? Consider the following:

* Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)­ – This certification program is designed specifically for the project team members, as well as the entry level project managers. The qualified undergraduate and graduate students who are wishing to earn a credential for their project team performance are also deemed candidate for this type of PMI certification. The advantage of this type basically lies on the fact that it works to teach professionals everything about the project management processes and terminology. With this, it is claimed that professionals from all disciplines can benefit to this.

* Project Management Professional (PMP) – This is by far the most globally recognized and respected credential offered by the PMI. It works to identify those who have already demonstrated a solid foundation of knowledge from which they can practice project management with the highest level of competency possible. However, to obtain this PMI certification, you need first to adhere to the code of professional conduct, attain a degree in project management, and pass the certification exam which is designed to assess your ability to practice project management in the proper way.

Both of the PMI certification types are deemed useful for obtaining the best position in the project management industry, the reason that professionals tend to consider it. However, it is important to note that just like the rest of the certification programs available nowadays, the PMI applicants should meet certain requirements first for them to qualify and obtain the certification diploma they wanted to have, be it the PMP or the CAPM certification. If you want to know more about these requirements, just feel free to visit

PMI Certification