Online Dating – Don’t Forget, Its Supposed To Be Fun

Online Dating – Don’t Forget, Its Supposed To Be Fun

There is so much information about dating and internet dating out there. Everyone is an expert. Have you noticed though most of the advice is all doom and gloom. How to avoid this disaster, how to recognise that scam. It can’t be that hard, all you are doing after all is trying to meet someone.

So I am taking a different approach with this article. Instead of making it confusing, difficult or scary, I am hopefully going to remind you that dating should be simple and fun. That’s it. So here are my top three tips for fun dating.

1. Before you start dating online, there are 2 things you need to think about. Firstly, think about the qualities you are looking for in your partner. Secondly, think about the experience you are looking for. When reflecting on these two things, try to do it on your own, without accepting advice from anyone.

When thinking of these things, I want you to not discuss it with anyone or listen to anyone. Everyone else, for a range of motivations, have their own idea of where and who they’d like you to date. Their ideas will not make you happy though so ignore them. Only you really know what is right for you, right now.

Be true to your own needs and desires and you will find happiness. That is what happiness is after all. Recognise that there will be hiccups along the way, so if a date or relationship doesn’t work, don’t see them as mistakes, see them as part of the journey. The failed relationships actually allow you, through comparison, to enjoy the successful ones so much more.

Tip 2. Having noted the type of person and experience you want, only go to dating sites which cater for those specifics. Ignore the general dating sites that attract every man and his dog, only join niche ones which attract the people you are looking for. That is, use the dating site itself to qualify your potential dates.

You don’t have to go to a general dating site where it is much more hit and miss. Some examples of specific dating sites include: Adult Dating Sites for an open and steamy experience; Asian Dating Sites if you are attracted to eastern culture; Christian Dating Sites if christian values are important in your partner; Gay and Lesbian Dating Sites if you are looking for a same sex partner; Jewish Dating Sites if jewish values are important in your partner; Seniors Dating Sites if you are looking for a mature partner; Dating Sites for the Tall, for when size matters; Dating Wealthy Partners for a more sophisticated experience

3. Always be safe. There is a natural progression with online dating. You start with the dating site, then you swap emails, then phone numbers and then arrange to meet. Your first meeting should be in a public place with lots of people and maybe some friends in the background somewhere, to keep an eye on things.

Dating has a number of stages, online dating adds a few extra stages. Each is a natural progression of “opening up” as trust is built. It starts with emails. Once trust is built, telephone numbers can be exchanged. Then when trust is built, dates in public places. Then, as more trust is built, private time together. There is no standard time scale for running through these progressions, its however fast the couple in the situation want it to be. If for any reason though, trust has not been built at one of the stages, do not progress to the next level of intimacy until it does. How can you ever feel safe if the trust doesn’t exit?

Once you meet someone who has passed all your “online tests”, have some fun with them and get to know them. Remember though, you are only starting to get to know them now. You can never really get to know someone online, so continue to apply common sense in the early stages of the relationship.

I hope that helps. Keep it simple, have fun and by following your instincts, have a safe dating experience to success.

Jayde Johanssen has assisted hordes find true love, by giving real dating advice and giving dating site reviews.

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