Michigan Home Inspector

Michigan Home Inspector

So you have decided to get a Michigan home inspector check your home. That’s a smart choice. And, of course, you want to get the most out of this hired professional’s services. But, wait. Before going out there and scrutinizing your Michigan home inspector’s work, maybe you should start with yourself first? What is your role in all this? What do you have to do to make your Michigan home inspector’s work easier and therefore make your investment even more protected?

Everywhere Michigan home inspectors often come across limiting conditions that interfere with a complete report for the client. After you’ve paid for a home inspection, you do not want to see the following words on your report:

“Inspection limited due to the excess possessions blocking access and view.”

You see, your Michigan home inspector follows some very rigid rules. The standards of his profession are high and he has to conform to this in order to maintain his professionalism and integrity. For instance, your Michigan home inspector may not have to report on any component or system which was not observed. Furthermore, he is not required to disturb insulation, move personal items, furniture, equipment, plant life, soil, snow and ice, debris which obstructs access or visibility.

Now, just imagine that one of the major components of your home such as the water heater, heating and cooling systems, electrical panels, and the attic cannot be accessed because your personal belongings are in the way. That’s is definitely one way of NOT getting your money’s worth and NOT having a full understanding of all the components of the home you are planning to purchase.

So, what can you do to get the most of the dollars you pay your Michigan home inspector?

Well, first thing’s first, during a walk through of the home with your Michigan home inspector, pay attention to certain conditions where components may not be readily accessible. Suggest to him that stored items be moved from that area. If he refuses or seem adamant, you can ask your agent or broker, on your behalf, to reiterate your concern on this matter.

If the home is vacant, make sure that the power, water, and gas remain on. This is because when your Michigan home inspector shows up, all systems are operable and inspected.

When the inspection is done, your Michigan home inspector will give you his written report of everything he saw. Pay close attention to it. Watch out for the major components of your home, especially. If there are items on your Michigan home inspector’s report that were not inspected because of trouble accessing them, you may want to request a contingency. After the questionable areas have been cleared, you can ask the home seller to pay for a re-inspection. Of, if not, you can ask him to pay for a warranty if the component is not inspected.

Now, if the home is occupied, that is a different matter. It is only to be expected that there will be areas of the house that are not completely accessible to your Michigan home inspector. But reasonable effort should be taken to allow the Michigan home inspector to perform a complete inspection for his or her client.

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Michigan Home Inspector