Make Money Writing Online – Writers Needed: No Experience? No Problem!

Make Money Writing Online – Writers Needed: No Experience? No Problem!

The Internet and the information revolution continues to grow by leaps and bounds. There are many ways that you can participate. Recent developments now make it easy to make money writing online. There is a shortage of content writers; more are needed, no experience required.

If you are a native English-speaker or are first-language fluent in English, and can write simple, clear, understandable test at a 6th-9th grade (school) level, then you can make money writing online…

On the Internet, almost everything is communicated in written form. Someone had to write every page of every website on the World Wide Web. The explosion of Internet activity and the number of new websites has created an opportunity for almost anyone to make money writing online, creating the content the Net requires.

In Internet terminology “content” is anything of possible interest that fills up web pages. Content can e pictures, drawings, artwork, graphs or text. Text content consists of written words, which requires writers to generate. By “writers” they mean people who can produce simple, understandable, unique text in conversational form.

Making money writing online does NOT require experienced writer/authors with literary credentials! It only requires first-language fluency in English and the ability to write at a 6th to 9th grade in school level in normal everyday English. (As a point of reference the Reader’s Digest is written at the 6th to 8th grade level of comprehension.)

The first-language fluency requirement means that this work cannot be outsourced to China or India! The text must be clear and easily understood, thus only native speakers of English can make money writing online generating unique content.

Writers are requires because to count, website content must be unique, different, not published elsewhere. The Internet is based on computer technology. Computer-based “spider” robots crawl the Web making copies and measurements. Any text can be compared to millions of pages, finding all duplicates in seconds.

People go to search engines to find things on the Net. If a website’s content is found to be a duplicate, it is deemed to be unimportant by the search engines and won’t show up on Google, Yahoo, etc. searches. To be counted as possibly important, their content absolutely must be unique, not published anywhere else on the Net.

Only people, communicating as writers, expressing themselves in their own words, can generate intelligible unique text. If you can express yourself in conversation, you can do the same in written form. If you can express yourself in written form at a 6-9th grade level, you can make money writing online.

The Internet is a free market for writers of unique content, with many buyer-users and producer-sellers and no one big enough to control any part of the market. The challenge is to get buyer-employers and seller-writers together. How do writers get started doing their thing and making money writing online?

You could do like everyone else and start with the search engines… Got a question? Go online and “Google it”!

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Make Money Writing Online - Writers Needed: No Experience? No Problem!