Legitimate Work at Home Employment

Legitimate Work at Home Employment

Scams are everywhere these days, and not just on the web but in the real world as well. However, we believe that there is far greater risk of being scammed on the Internet since the reality is that more and more people come online for the first time every year. They have never been exposed to Internet scams before and as far as they are concerned all the work at home employment offerings they receive in their emails are legitimate.

This is where the danger lies.

Many of the people for “legitimate” work at home employment come online to try and find a way to make money with their computers. Sometimes perhaps, they are there to look for ideas through which they can make money from home. But the fact remains that they might not be equipped with enough information to recognize the scams from the real legitimate work at home employment opportunities.

Like hounds on a scent, scammers specifically target these types of people with their so-called legitimate work at home employment schemes that promises instant wealth. And because the desire to earn decent money while working from home sometimes supercedes precaution, people, especially newbies, easily fall for it.

So how do you avoid scams and spot the difference between them and the legitimate work at home employment opportunities? In this article, we shall look at several main scams that are currently running around and how to recognize them.

“Legitimate” Work at Home Employment: Nigerian Advance Fee Scheme

This the notorious worldwide scam, which has since been known as the Nigerian scheme. Essentially, this work at home employment opportunity outlines how someone purporting to be an official of the Nigerian government or major utility or similar needs to transfer some huge amount of money out of the country. The objective of course is to get you to provide them with your bank account details for the wire transfer of money. However, this is clearly not a legitimate offer since yes, there will be a transfer but it will not be into your account.

“Legitimate” Work at Home Employment: Business Opportunities

These supposedly legitimate work at home employment and business opportunities have been identified by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as one of the top 12 scams online. These work at home employment offerings are anything but legitimate and often, they are mere pyramid schemes thinly disguised as legitimate opportunities to earn money. In order to avoid falling for such work at home employment schemes that are clearly not legitimate, watch out for high returns but with little or no cash required.

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Legitimate Work at Home Employment