Leading Manufacturers of Massage Tables

Leading Manufacturers of Massage Tables

Massage therapy is now deemed as one of the fastest growing markets in the health and well-being industry. Its enduring popularity can actually be seen with the rise in number of massage therapists and of course with the ever growing number of massage therapy shops and parlors.

In today’s fastest growing health industry, massage therapists require massage tables or massage therapy chairs that will provide them with the proper weight capacity, comfort, durability, certainty and of course, affordability. Thanks to some reviews online, however, that the leading manufacturers of massage tables were recognized, providing the massage therapists the chance to find the massage tables that best suit their needs.

Below is a list of the leading manufacturers of massage tables. You can check them out online if you want to know more about their massage tables and other products.


Reviews have it that Earthlite is the world number one brand in massage. The company has been serving the massage industry with the best in quality massage tables, chairs, and other supplies for a couple of years. They strive to serve their customers in a positive, friendly and refreshing manner, and with the ever growing interest in their products, Earthlite continually search for more ways to make their products better, while maintaining their environmental policies. With this belief in mind, it’s nice to know that Earthlite uses no rainforest hardwoods on their tables and chairs. What they only use is the Canadian hard maple for the legs and braces of their tables, and Baltic birch plywood for their table tops. Note that they have maintained this standard as they want to offer people with products that will aid in healing the mankind. The Earthlite massage tables are also now offered with a warranty.

Custom Craftworks

Another leading, well-known manufacturer of massage tables today is the Custom Craftworks. Just like Earthlite, this company prides itself as the leader in high end massage products. They offer a wide selection of massage products and accessories with an excellent warranty on every product line. As what most reviews have revealed, the massage tables of Custom Craftworks are all durable, portable and ergonomic; no wonder that most of the massage therapists look for their products than the other brands.

Today, one of the hottest massage tables of Custom Craftworks is the Portable Massage Therapy Table that offers a maximum comfort. According to some reviews, this product can be easily folded and provides an ergonomic comfort for the massage clients. The massage table is light in weight and sized to fit in the trunk of your car, making this product perfect for the massage therapists on the go.


Finally, there is EarthGear to give a new set of high quality massage tables and chairs. The company actually commits itself to offering the greatest value in home, student and professional massage equipment, and perhaps what’s best about their massage table and chair is that they are offered at truly affordable prices. In addition, the entire line of portable massage table is sold as a complete package with everything needed. Even included is an adjustable headrest, as well as a convenient carrying case. There are also some models of their massage tables that include an armrest. With all these features of EarthGear massage tables, there’s really nothing more to ask for.

Leading Manufacturers of Massage Tables