Japanese Black Ceramic Tea Sets

Japanese Black Ceramic Tea Sets

The Japanese call it chanoyu, which literally means “hot tea water.” But transcending even the limitations of its name, the Japanese tea ceremony is truly a spiritual expression of the “way of the tea.”

The whole ceremony is summarized in the following excerpt of a lesson taught by tea master Sen no Rikyu to his students in 16th Century Japan:

“Make a delicious bowl of tea;
Scatter the charcoal pieces
In such a way as to heat the water;
Arrange the flowers
As if they are in the fields;
In the summer, evoke the coolness,
In the winter, heat;
Always anticipate the weather;
Be prepared for rain;
Have every possible consideration for your guests.”

The simple art of chanoyu is really a synthesis of many Japanese arts with the focus of preparing and serving a bowl of tea with a pure heart.

Sen no Rikyu’s style of chanoyu was called the wabicha, reflecting a simple and quiet taste. It applies the principles of Wa Kei Sei Jaku, representing four great virtues of Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility. The Wabicha style of Chanoyu is the simple style of tea that is practiced and taught in Japan and throughout the world today.

But what many fail to understand is that the Japanese tea ceremony is not the elaborate ceremony that we all think it is. Tea is nothing more than boiling water, making tea, and drinking it. A simple experience, yet deeply profound. You, too, can practice it. All you need are a few Japanese black ceramic tea sets.

Below are our top picks when it comes to Japanese black ceramic tea sets:


This online shop features several Japanese black ceramic tea sets, including Japanese cast iron pot tea set made of Black Arare, Black Square, or Green Bamboo. You can also find high quality porcelain tea sets, depicting pictures of elegant cherry blossoms or plum blossoms, and 5-piece tea sets.


When it comes to tea sets, EnoyingTea.com has the best Japanese black ceramic tea sets around. Here, you can see a wide variety of ceramic, porcelain, cast iron Japanese tea sets. They offer Japanese black ceramic tea sets with traditional design and tea sets made from sturdy iron with enamel coating on the interior. Their tea sets have been praised for their beauty, strength, and super quality.


Another great shop for Japanese black ceramic tea sets is the Fragrant Leaf. Their ceramic teapots and tea sets all have an elegant design with a distinctive Asian flair. One of their Japanese black ceramic tea sets is the Serenity Teapot Honeydew, one of their stonewear teapots from For Life Design. The teapot includes many convenient features such as a built-in infuser, a spout design that ours evenly and a tight-fitting lid that won’t fall off. The removable stainless steel mesh infuser also makes for easy brewing of your favorite loose-leaf tea.


Fantes.com features Japanese black ceramic tea sets and tea pots with cozy. The teapots come with exotic floral designs or elegant black. Their Japanese black ceramic tea set measures 6 inches overall with a 5-1/2-inch round base and an 8-1/2-inch handle to spout.

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Japanese Black Ceramic Tea Sets