Is The Internet Gold Rush Over? Not At All!

Is The Internet Gold Rush Over? Not At All!

Remember back in the late 1990s when everyone talked about the Internet Gold Rush? Those were the days when you could snap up a great dot-com domain name, put your site on it, and earn thousands almost over night.

Others simply purchased these in-demand domain names, then quickly resold them for thousands, even millions of dollars. Today most people would tell you that the gold rush is over. But in this case, most people are wrong. While we have a massive 60 million domain names and web sites online right now, industry experts expect a whopping 500 million sites online within 10 years.

Yes, the early days of the Internet might have been exciting, but the REAL action is going on right now. As more and more people worldwide are centering big parts of their lives around the Net, even more are getting their own web presence.

Whereas the only people with web sites used to be online marketers, book sellers, and the like, now EVERY little business up and down your street has a site. Chances are your plumber, accountant, kid’s dance teacher, and neighborhood sports team all have at least one web site if not more!

And keep in mind every single one of those domain names needs hosting. While people might spend to registering a domain name, they’ll pay at least that much each and EVERY month for hosting, email services, and more.

On average, a site stays on the Net for several years and many are now completing their first decade of continuous operation. Think of that from the standpoint of the Internet service provider, and each of those sites represents tens of thousands of dollars in non-stop income.

There are many hosting services that started out in a spare bedroom in the late 90s and today pull in MILLIONS per month in domain registration and hosting fees. That’s right, I said MILLIONS!

One of the factors that is putting real zeal in the online movement these days are the many wonderful domain names that are still available. I’m not talking about .com, .net, and .org, which are largely used up. I’m referring to .ws. This new domain type is well known and regarded by the public, yet most desirable domains are still available.

That killer domain you missed a few years ago is STILL available with .ws.

So don’t tell me the Gold Rush is over. It’s not even close to being over. Get online and IN line right now to earn your share of the continuing and expanding profits.

Is The Internet Gold Rush Over? Not At All!