Information About Termites That You Need To Know

Information About Termites That You Need To Know

To the inexperienced and to those whose knowledge of termites is as little as their knowledge on how to proceed with their pest problem, would consider said termites – regardless of where they are found – to be one and the same. Most would be satisfied in only knowing that termites are pests – no more, no less – and this comprises the bulk of their knowledge with regards to information about termites.

“But why should I learn more information about termites?” – you may ask. The answer simply – it is to your advantage to learn so.

You have a home, you saved a lot of money to build it – you have furniture, you set aside hard-earned money to own it – then you have termites, they don’t mind the value nor the effort you spent for these things. For the termites, these are food – and delicious ones at that. As long as the members of their colony survive, the value of your things doesn’t matter even a tiny bit.

That is why, even a tiny bit of information about termites can save you money, otherwise spent because of your ignorance and lack of knowledge about the nature & the workings of the pest they call termites.

Below are some information about termites:

* They are generally of two types: a.) subterranean and b.) drywood termites.
* Subterranean termites live on soil – beneath the surface and lives there. Drywood termites live where their food source is located.
* Both the subterranean termites and the drywood termites love cellulose – and wood is rich of this substance. Any material rich in cellulose is prone to termite infestation.
* Termites have a caste system where primary reproductives, secondary reproductives, soldiers and workers combine forces for the survival of their colony.
* In wildlife setting, termites play a significant role. They aid in the decomposition of decayed wood. And they contribute in making the soil fertile around their mounds.
* There is such a thing as Super Termites – and these are the Formosan termites. These are able to effect considerable damage in just a short amount of time – mainly because of their sheer number and their aggressive behavior.
* Subterranean termites are common in the various parts of USA. Drywood termites are found in the subtropical regions as Hawaii, Arizona, California, Texas, Puerto Rico, etc. Formosan termites can be found in South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, etc.
* Termites work inconspicuously as they can.
* Termites can be controlled.

Knowing some information about termites is important in order to be aware of any signs and traces they leave behind. One can also make use of preventive measures against termites, and need not wait before these pests start chewing your houses. As they say, knowledge is power – and this may very well be your weapon against termite invasion on your homes.

Information About Termites That You Need To Know