Increase Blog Traffic In 15 Minutes

Increase Blog Traffic In 15 Minutes

The sales process is about building relationships with current and potential customers and using a mailing list is an excellent way to help establish communication as well as build more traffic to a site or blog from those who have signed up up for your mailing lists.

Most people already have a process for contacting existing mailing1 lists, but what if you haven’t built a list yet… a mailing list that does not have any subscribers is rather useless. The good news is with an aweber account and a WordPress blog RSS feed you can perform a quick and incredibly easy three step process that is guaranteed to increase your mailing list opt in rate.

1. First you will need to logon to your aweber account (or sign up for one if you haven’t already). What you will want to do is setup a split test requiring that will have to make a couple of web forms. You can also do this with web forms of the sidebar variety however my testing shows that the popunders forms convert vastly better than the sidebar forms. Remember to make each of the popunder forms different, mix them up with different styles, fonts and colors.

2. On the bottom of the web form page in aweber there is an option for creating a split test. Select this and setup each of your web forms to display half of the time in a fifty-fifty split
test. If you want to test more than two that is fine just break up the display rate evenly.

3. Like the regular forms there is nifty link you click to generate the html code to run the split test. In the case of WordPress blog simply insert that code by using the template editor into the header file. Right after the closing html head tag is the perfect spot to insert the aweber provided code. If you have difficulty using the built in WordPress file editor copy the code over to notepad and then copy it back to the editor when finished making changes. Always remeber to make a bacup copy of your WordPress files before modifying them!

Remember to verify the test is working by visiting the main home page of your site. After getting a good number of visitors check the statistics tabulated in the aweber account. Then based on the split test results add new popunders to the test to replace the poorer converting form. It is important to experiment with words, phrases and text styles to target those that convert best.

After the initial setup you probably do not need to make any changes to the aweber opt in form split test, again depending almost entirely on the volume of traffic and specifically the number of unique displays during that time frame. So far to date I have been spending no more than a few minutes every month adding new variables into the split test for each of my sites. The results have been very positive so far having resulted in a minimum of a two percent increase of mailing list subscribers.

Increase Blog Traffic In 15 Minutes