How To Survive The Google Pagerank Breakup

How To Survive The Google Pagerank Breakup

You’re one of the latest casualties. Google just broke up with you- after a yearlong pagerank 7 relationship. Hundreds of thousands are crying in the street. You’re one of the namesless broken hearted.

It’s just temporary of course. So you gather up your strength and hold your chin up high. You’ll have Google chasing you back. After all, you’re armed with some hardcore search engine flirtation tips.

1) Go bold. Just as women love bold suitors, so do search engines. Start highlighting keywords on each page with the B tag to increase search relevance. Search engines are attracted to words contained in the H1 and B tags. Just don’t go wild- two bold words per page is enough.

2) Go Deeper. Having other sites drill deep into your web at various locations tells google that ‘hey, this guy has varied useful content’. It’s poor SEO strategy to acquire links just to link to the homepage. The search engines may ultimately discount those links

3) Go foreign. Why focus on North America? You can take your business to India, Pakistan, UK and Hongkong! Start creating pages for lucrative markets and submit to their local directories. This ensures multiple streams of revenue

4) Fire Up Newsletters. Provide articles to publishers like ezinearticles. The links breathe for many years in their archives and funnel backlinks to your site.

5) Go Bi. Image links are good, but text links are more appreciated. If your site is full of image links, have your webmaster place the text links first because that’s what google looks for. Subsequent links are often discounted.

6) Multiple Partners. Create different domains on varying IPs that talk about similar subjects. The reason is that Google only lists one domain page per search result. Imagine if you owned ten domains that came up for the same search result? You’ll be seducing more curious searchers. Another tip: search engine consulting firms recommend varying the keywords used on these domains just to minimize looking spammy.

7) Article Exchanges. You’ve heard of reciprocal link exchanges. Text link purchases. One way backlink purchases. Try them, and it’s like getting herpes on the net. Google blacklists you and your worth is downgraded. But article exchanges are different. Whip up an article, upload to Ezinearcticles and before you know it- wham! Dozens of sites publish your article and bring fawning admirers to your door.

8) Shun Unvaried Anchor Text. If 1000 sites links to you with the appellation “Gimme Money”, Google starts to squint and dig deeper, “Smells like automated filthy spam, methinks.” Avoid the search engine ban by varying the anchor text. Dance under different names and you’ll flirt more grandly with search engines.

9) Expose Your Glory With a Site map. Your visitors reach the honeypot more rapidly when you have a structured sitemap that links to every major page. Keep the map on a location easily accessible so you keep the action flowing. Google bots flirt with sitemaps too and often births detailed search results. So keep it search engine friendly.

How To Survive The Google Pagerank Breakup