How to Start your own Article Directory

How to Start your own Article Directory

Are you tired of reading how to write and submit articles to a directory? Would you like to have your own article directory? Well this
article is for you.

There’s a few things to consider before putting an article directory together. Do you want to make a niche directory catering to only certain subjects or do you want to cover every topic under the moon? This is where our first requirement comes into play.

Deciding on a domain name. If you’re going for the niche directory you’re going to want to possibly include the niche in the name of the directory.
Let’s say you’re into cars, then you would want your domain to be something like articlesaboutcarsthatgoreallyfast.*** or cartopicsthatiknowabout.*** or something like that. These are just examples I’m using to illustrate the use of names. You probably would not want a domain name that long. If your going for the catch all you can use something with article in it, like articlesabouteverythingimaginable.*** Again just illistration purposes. The domain name you choose doesn’t have to have the word article in it, mine doesn’t. There are resources on the Internet which allow you to plug in keywords and it will spit out possible domain names from your keywords.

Now it’s time to look into getting a web host. I know there are literally thousands of web hosts out there and the decision can be daunting. Here
are a few things you want to look for in a web host.

* Able to host multiple domains under one account

* Plenty of storage space

* Plenty of monthly transfer

* Able to have multiple email addresses

* Able to have multiple MySql databases

* Customer service available through web, email, or phone

Search the Internet for web host reviews for more information. There are plenty of resources with ranking systems for web hosts. You could also email some web site owners to see who they use and if they are happy with them.

Next the software to run our directory. I use Article Dashboard. Article Dashboard is free software to run your own directory. I’m not saying this is the only software out there, I’m just saying that it’s great and free, you can’t beat that!

After following the directions for installing the directory it’s time to get some articles. Lots of article directories allow use of their articles as long as you keep all links the same and give credit where it’s due. Just check each site’s policy for exact rules relating to the use of their content. Another way is to read articles and contact the original author and invite them to write and send articles to your site. You can also sign up for sites that “push out articles” to you. This is a great way to get lots of articles quickly but it is also a good idea to get some original content.

Well this is about all for now, please visit my site for more information, free articles and Cajun Info. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

How to Start your own Article Directory