How To Set Up A Free Website In 30 Minutes

How To Set Up A Free Website In 30 Minutes

A lot of businesses do not have a blog and the owners may spend little or no time on the internet but instead use word of mouth or traditional forms of marketing. The company owner may have little patience to learn about domains, web hosting ftp and other features of running a website. Is there an alternative?

What about setting up a blog instead where you don’t have to pay for hosting or learn ftp, register a domain and the other headaches of running a site? That’s possible by running a free blog at blogger owned by google.

One advantage of this is that these blogs also get picked up quickly by the search engines as well as get traffic from people who like to click the next button at blogger.

What would you put on your blog? You can put up a little about yourself so your customers get to know you. Another thing is to post your specials of the week or have a diary explaining things. For instance if you run a pet store you can discuss grooming of dogs or what a healthy diet is for a cat. If you are chiropractor you can discuss common back problems and how one can try to prevent further injuries.

Blogs can be used for educating your customers or clients and for helping them learn more about your services as well as your personality. People are curious about the person who runs a shop or company so let them see a bit of your background and history too if you feel comfortable doing that.

You no longer have to feel intimidated about getting yourself published on the internet nor worry about paying a designer. It’s possible also to add a newsletter to your blog as well as paypal buttons for people to purchase online. Don’t let fear block your desire to get your business or company on the world wide web.

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How To Set Up A Free Website In 30 Minutes