How To Get The Most From Your Home Projector Without Spending A Fortune

How To Get The Most From Your Home Projector Without Spending A Fortune

There are many things to consider about the home projector in order to get the best possible experience. While some people believe that throwing more money at the problem will fix it, optimizing the home theater experience can be done without spending a fortune.

There has been extensive coverage about buying cheap projectors, DIY projectors, and many other means by which you can save money on a home theater system and still enjoy a quality experience. How to get the most out of your projector without spending a lot of money is an important thing to think about.

Not enough can be said about mounting. Proper mounting is very important. But how can that save money? Mounting on a shelf unit often results in dust build up. Keeping the filters clean and making sure that there is plenty of airflow will help you to avoid over heating the projector causing damage which is costly to repair.

Screen Selection
Selecting the proper screen is very important. Not only do you want to get the right screen to fit your home projector needs the first time (Rather than having to purchase another one for more money) but you need to get a screen that is suitable for the location where it will be mounted. Is the screen easily cleaned? If it is soft fabric, will it rip or tear? If it is something that will be easily damaged, can it be stored while not in use?

Screens can be built with protection as well. Using an “artsy” type cabinet covering with pictures, or even a painting of some sort will prevent the dust buildup on the screen, lessening the need to clean it with the potential of damaging it. It will also prevent any ripping, tearing or other damage that may occur to the projection screen due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lamp Care
Make sure that the mounting is such that the projection unit does not get bumped or jarred a lot. Constantly bumping or moving the projector can cause many problems that are costly to repair. The filaments in the head lamps are very fragile, much the same as a mantle in a lantern is. Constantly jostling or bumping the projector will severely shorten the lifespan of the bulb. This will result in costly replacements that should not be needed so frequently. Frequent bumping also causes electronic and circuit boards to lose connection or come loose. This can create the need for costly repairs as well.

Lens Care
Are the optic lenses being adequately protected when they are not in use? The projector optics can be a very expensive replacement part. Lens covers are important. Even if they do not come with the projector when it is purchased, they are well worth the price. Quite frequently, spending a little money up-front can save a great deal of money in unnecessary expenses later on.

Projector Covering
Building a small container, especially for shelf mounted units can offer a unique custom-design and look for the user, and perform vital functions as well. Inclusion of computer fans and a power supply at a very nominal cost will insure sufficient airflow to prevent overheating and prevent much of the dust and dirt from getting into the projection unit where it could harm the optics as well.

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure if the desired effect is to get the most out of a home projector system without spending a fortune.

How To Get The Most From Your Home Projector Without Spending A Fortune