How To Boost Your IQ

How To Boost Your IQ

You may think that you’re stuck with the current IQ that you have for good. However, there is a way that you can boost your IQ to a much higher level than you thought possible.

A French psychologist by the name of Alfred Binet first published the modern intelligence tests to evaluate if special students need help in school classes in 1905. Then a few years later in 1912, a German psychologist by the name of William Stern came up with the term “intelligence quotient” or I.Q. After him, there was a formula developed to identify the intelligence level of a person that is used up to this day.

The formula is as follows; 100 multiplied Mental Age divided by Chronological age. For example, if a 10 year old child scored as high as the average 13 year old, then the child would have an IQ of 130. (100 times 13 divided by 10)

The best way to boost your IQ and to land high IQ test scores is to buy study versions of the standardized tests. There are many kinds of IQ tests and they do come in many forms. Some of them use several sub portions, and are divided into different sections, such as verbal, math, spatial, etc. Others use a single item or type of question.

The typical IQ test will require you to solve a number of problems in a supervised setting. You may also be timed. The IQ test will include things from various domains, such as spatial visualization, perceptual speed, short-term memory, and verbal skills.

There are other IQ tests, that are not supervised and do not have a time limit. These are usually geared for measuring very high intelligence. When you are preparing to study for your IQ tests, determine which kind you are going to take. The most widely used IQ test is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale or WAIS. There are about 14 subtests within this IQ test, which include object assembly, symbol search, picture arrangement, matrix reasoning, block design, digital symbol coding, picture completion, letter & number sequencing, vocabulary, and numerical reasoning.

So, you can search for study guides for the main IQ tests, such as the WAIS, Stanford-Binet, Miller-Analogies, Cattell Culture Fair II, and Raven’s Progressive Matrices. You can go to or to Barnes & Noble to find study guides.

You can also buy brain teaser books and go over the exercises. Don’t just do them once or twice, but practice them over and over, until they are imprinted on your brain. What starts to happen is that you will subconsciously pick up a pattern of these IQ tests, and you’ll be able to easily solve almost any question or problem. The thing about standardized IQ tests is that that they all pretty much have the same questions over and and over again, except they are worded or arranged a little different. The main patterns and principles remain constant.

You can also test for the Graduate Record Exam or GRE. This test is accepted by major High IQ societies such as MENSA. I have found that the Graduate Record Exam has a lot of the same questions and structures in it that the standardized IQ tests have.

Getting a study copy of the GRE is pretty easy, and you could probably get an older copy at your local public library. Just do the exercises over and over again, so you can get used to the structures of the questions.

Then, after you have taken your IQ test and scored high, you can take the results and join different high IQ societies. This can help you in your personal life as well as your career. A lot of people will list the fact that they are members of certain high IQ societies on job resumes, and it can mean the difference between getting hired or rejected.

Boosting your IQ is nothing short than practicing IQ tests. The more you practice taking them, the easier they get, and pretty soon, you, too can have a genius IQ.

How To Boost Your IQ