Google Glass What about Google’s Latest Innovation the Project Glass

Google Glass – What about Google’s Latest Innovation the Project Glass

A few years ago, I saw a sci-fi animated film where the people, who live together with cyborgs and half-breeds (half man, half cyborg), no longer carry around mobile phones with them but are wearing sunglasses that turn out to be wearable computers. Today, if you feature spectacles that can connect to the internet and interpret voice commands in a movie, it would no longer be called science fiction but a film merely representing the immediate future of mobile technology. This is what Google offers us with its latest innovation, the Project Glass.
Through Glass, Google allows you to manage your smartphones without taking them out by connecting them through Bluetooth to a spectacle-like device which you wear on your temples. You can receive messages and have the device read it out for you. You may also compose and send text messages without having to type anything but just by simply dictating what you want to say and Google Glass will type it out for you.
The Glass can be worn conveniently because of its light structure, and the prism glass, serving as the screen does not obstruct a person’s view while wearing it. The device can be manipulated by simple taps and swipes at the glass and at the frame area. However, it is still a challenge for Google and the device’s developers to transform Glass into a fashionable accessory which will make its users actually want to walk around wearing it public, especially those who prefer not to look like some Star Trek characters.
I think the most exciting part about this invention is that you can take pictures and videos hands-free, and without much hassle. You always start your commands with “Ok, Glass” for the device to acknowledge them. If you wish to take a video, you can simply say “Ok, Glass, start recording.” Now, that’s awesome. Also, when you’re recording through your phone or your tablet, you tend to focus on the screen of the device instead of actually watching the real thing. Google Glass allows you to sit back and relax (or watch the actual, live concert that you paid for instead of just watching the video that you took of it at home, through your phone) while it does its work.
Google has recently granted access to Glass devices to those who pre-ordered the device a year ago. However, it has not made the device available in the market just yet and claims that it is currently in its development mode where they open up for suggestions and criticisms to improve the product. We should remain vigilant, however, as recent theories claim that Glass may already be out in the market by the end of 2013 due to the high demand for the product.

Google Glass What about Google's Latest Innovation the Project Glass