Google Glass Practical and Interesting Uses for Google Glass

Google Glass – Practical and Interesting Uses for Google Glass

When the tablets were first introduced, people thought them to be quite unnecessary, given that they could use the laptop. The same thing was said when netbooks started to show up, but people started to like them because their practicality grew over time. Mobile gadgets like tablets and laptops were considered to be the evolution of digital computing, and it removed the burden of a heavy desktop PC. The same questions and issues were brought out once Google Glass was announced. Where does Google Glass fit in?

“I already have a smartphone and tablet, so why do I need Google Glass?” This is one of the many questions that people asked during the early months of Google Glass’ development. Late last year, Google Glass was given to a select group of adventurers to try out, and the selected group loved the idea of being able to document their travels without the hassle of bringing a camera.

But what can we use Google Glass for? You’d be surprised at the capabilities.
1.) Read texts – Once Google Glass hits the market, gone are the days where you have to grab your phone to read texts, regardless if it’s an SMS, email, or a PDF file. The display technology for Google Glass is equivalent to looking at a 25-inch screen from 8 feet away, which is an impressive feat given that the Glass is mere inches away from the eyes. With Google Glass, you have your hands free to do more important things, like take down notes while reading the text, or being able to view the recipe of a cookbook while your hands are moving the beater.

2.) Facilitated communication – Last year, we read about a man being able to Tweet for the first time by just using his eyes. He could not move or speak. With Google Glass, it could help facilitate communication for disabled people, which will improve their way of life.

3.) Compact GPS data – This is an impressive feature and use for runners and people who love to get lost in the woods. With real time GPS data, the need to bring a phone or map when you jog or hike a trail is eliminated.

4.) Concert documentation – On a personal note, I find this to be a very interesting use for Google Glass. If people had Google Glass on in concerts, they wouldn’t have to raise their cameras or tablets to document the entire thing. They’d only need to watch the show and let Google Glass do all the work. With the 16GB of storage and 12GB of synchronized Cloud storage, you won’t have to worry about running out of space.

If you had a pair of Google Glass, what would you do with it?

Google Glass Practical and Interesting Uses for Google Glass