Google Adwords Management – Feel Like You’re Losing the Adwords Game?

Google Adwords Management – Feel Like You’re Losing the Adwords Game?

Do you feel like you’re failing in the adwords game? Each morning you get up to check your adwords account to see how many clicks you’ve had and how many sales or leads your campaigns have generated but each morning it’s the same thing. You log into adwords only to find that many of your keywords have become “inactive for search” because Google is charging you with higher click costs. You start looking at your numbers and realize that you’re actually losing more money than you’re actually making.

If this sounds like you then know this; You are not alone! 90% of the advertisers using Google Adwords today don’t know the first thing about building “Profitable” adwords campaigns. That’s right, I’d say that the vast majority of adwords advertisers are actually losing more money in adwords than they are making! Only a small percentage of advertisers have the ability to run profitable, money-making campaigns. Why? Is it because they spend more and bid higher for their clicks?

No, The key to running a profitable campaign in Google Adwords is spending LESS and paying LESS per click! You may ask, “Well why does Google keep on charging me more and more for clicks?” If you want to know why, the answer is because you fall into the 90% of advertisers who don’t know the steps to building profitable adwords campaigns. If you’re not applying the following steps to your adwords campaigns then you’re losing money and leaving a lot more money on the table.

Optimizing Your Campaign For Google Are all of your keywords stuffed into just a couple of ad-groups? If so Google hates it when campaign is like this and determines that your campaign has 0% relevancy! I know, it is days’ worth of work, but you should take each keyword and put it into an adgroup all on its own. It will reduce your click cost by an incredible amount! If you don’t optimize your campaigns for Google you’re going to be “slapped” – meaning that Google will charge you insane amounts of money for your clicks and give your ads horrible placement.

Optimizing your Ads for Google The structure of your ads plays a major role in determining how much you pay per click. Google’s idea of a perfect ad has the keyword that was searched on showing up twice in the ad; once in the ad title, and once in the ad text. If Google see’s that your ad displaying for the keyword, “accident attorney” actually has the keyword “accident attorney” appearing in your ad title and in your ad text then Google is going to reward your ad for being perfectly “relevant” to the keyword that was searched on. You’ll get a lower click cost and higher ad placement.

Keyword Swiping This step is very important if you’re serious about being successful in adwords. Say you do some research and determine two particular advertisers are your top competitors in adwords. They have hundreds or even thousands of keywords that they’re successfully advertising under. This being the case it more than likely took them many months and lots of money to build a profitable keyword list.

What if I told you that you could legally and ethically steal all of your top competitors’ keywords and advertise under them yourself? Meaningthat your competition spends all of the money trying out and testing which keywords work the best and then YOU swoop in and LEGALLY steal all of your competitors’ tried and tested keywords? Why should you spend all of the money to build a profitable keyword list?

Split-testing your Ads every day You know Google rewards good ads? If Google sees you have a great ad with a great click-through-rate, that ad will not only get shown more often, but will also decrease in bid price so that you pay less per click! After testing ads on a consistent basis you end up with super performing ads that not only increase your clicks, but also decrease the amount you have to pay per click!

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