Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Aids

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different golf training aids on the market these days. Golfers will spend hundreds of dollars on the latest golf gadgets in hopes for a better golf game. Do these golf training aids work the way they are advertised? Perhaps.

There are more golf swing training aids now than ever before. They are rampant and golfers chomp at the bit when a new one comes out. The only problem is are they effective at curing your swing fault. Here are a couple of golf swing training aids:

* The Medicus Golf Club is a swing trainer that is specific to many swing faults and can give you immediate feedback. It has been around for a very long time and has been endorsed by Davis Love III for many years.
* Golf swing plane training aids can specifically help you get a feel for the proper swing plane for your body size. These also have stood the test of time and are used on many driving ranges as a teaching tool.

Putting is no doubt one of the most important parts of the golf game. That’s why another essential golf training aid that will benefit your golf game is some type of putting trainer. There certainly many to choose from, but pick one that specifically addresses your putting flaws.

* A putting track is a great golf training aid. This contraption helps keep your putter in a straight motion and really can improve your putting skills by giving stability to your putting stroke.
* Many people have seen golf putting mats, and they can be good training aids for your putting game. These are just mats – usually made of astro turf with holes or cups at the end that simulate a putting green. The golf putting mat is a great way to work on your putting game in the cold months when you can’t get on the course!

Finally, you may want to use a golf training aid to improve your golf swing speed. There are also many of these out on the market, but keep in mind that swing speed isn’t everything. A good, effective golf stroke is smooth and calculated and doesn’t necessarily depend wholly on the speed of your stroke so much as your form and strength.

There are many, many golf training aids available to help what’s ailing in your golf game. Some of them really do help, but others prove ultimately to be a waste of money as well as time when using them. Do some research on golf training aids and choose wisely. Then, hopefully, watch your golf game improve!

Golf Training Aids