Free Grant Money

Free Grant Money

Are you worn out by trying to raise money for a good cause with bake sales, car washes and raffles? You know, there is another way to go about raising money. Ever heard of free grant money? That’s where you’re going to get yours.

But first, what is free grant money?

Free grant money is funding provided by a federal, state, local group or funding provided by a private, charitable or civic organization. Often, the people who receive free grant money are non-profit groups, such as health care organizations, schools, arts programs, and service agencies.

There are also instances where free grant money is provided to help assist in or underwrite the costs of various projects, ranging from providing food and shelter to the homeless to funding art programs to disabled adults. Free grant money may also be used to underwrite the cost of computers for a classroom or certain extra costs in public libraries.

The Federal Government of the United States gives away free grant money every year to various individual groups with community-based projects. Congress allocates money every budget year just for these government grants. In addition to federal free grant money, state grants are also available.

But while there are government funds available, competitions during the application process may be tougher with various organizations countrywide competing for a grant. For this reason, it often helps if you look closer to home for a source of free grant money. Besides which, local funding is less likely to have administrative and regulatory mandates and is most often the easiest type of grant funding to secure.

Aside from the government, there are several other groups that offer free grant money. Think about organizations in your community that raise funds for good causes. The Elks Club, Women’s Club, Rotary, Kiwanis, and other civic or fraternal clubs. They don’t have to be grand corporate groups or philanthropic celebrities. Any group whose agenda include doing some good to the community may consider giving you free grant money if your project idea deserves funding.

Sometimes even, grant funding is available from local businesses especially the local division ofa national firm such as Wal-mart or Blue Cross Blue Shield.

To find out who in your community are offering free grant money, it’s helpful to start by talking with people who are in a position to know. These people are the kind who does fundraising professionally. Because of their background in fundraising, they can be great resources in helping you locate sources for your free grant money.

Many communities these days have their own professional network of fundraising professionals. Check to see if your own community has one of these. Contacting a network may be the easiest way for you to go about seeking funds for your cause. Not only will they help you locate resources for free grant money, but they will also help you with the application process by providing you with detailed reference material giving information about funding availability, grant writing, how to apply and levels of funding that may be available.

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Free Grant Money