Finding Charity Jobs

Finding Charity Jobs

As the charity sector grows so does its’ need for individuals to serve in different roles.
Charity groups employ hundreds of thousands of people every year in both part-time and full time positions. Contrary to common assumptions, majority of charity workers are in salaried positions. Still volunteering remains to be of high value to any charity especially for small charities where all work is voluntary.

Paid or not, charity jobs are not much different from the jobs you would find in a government or business organization. There are various charity jobs available in the areas of administration, counseling, campaigning, communications, finance, fundraising, human resources, information technology, legal, management, marketing, research, social care, training and many others.

In addition, there is a variety of charity jobs in different charity sectors such as healthcare, education, housing, social welfare, environment and others. Types of charity jobs differ as well including volunteering, temping, regular full time work, international jobs and even telecommuting. As you can see, there is no lack of charity jobs out there. You can be an Accountant, a Database Administrator or a Home-Based Phone Support Staff. Just like in applying for work in other sectors, the key is to match your skill with the job.

While there are charity jobs that do not require charity work experience, having some will of course be an advantage. However, if you have no solid experience working in a non-profit organization you can improve your chances of getting a job in this sector by first indicating your commitment and interest in charity work through volunteering.

In addition, it will help you if you have skills acquired from your previous work that you can apply to a charity organization. This should not be difficult since most skills required in other sectors are also needed in charity jobs such as secretarial, marketing, IT or accounting skills.

When applying for charity jobs, make sure to highlight your relevant skills in your CV.
Your CV must tell how you are a perfect fit to the job so give specific details of your experience as it relates to your target job. Moreover, you have to demonstrate a true understanding of the charity’s cause and mission.

There are no established rules on how to get a charity job. Others start by volunteering; some make use of their skills gained from previous work, while others begin their careers by taking entry-level positions. Regardless of how you start your career, be patient and persistent and you will eventually reach your goal.

Finding Charity Jobs